Get your waivers in!

Desert Games Competitors:

If you want me to take your waivers in on Friday and grab your Athlete packets then don’t forget to sign one and leave it in the office. I have enough copies for everyone there at the office. If I don’t get any from you or your team I will just assume you guys are handling it on your own.

Just a few more days!

CrossFit Las Cruces

Deadlifts (275/185)
Over the bar Burpees
Run 100m after each round of deadlifts and burpees

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You pick the Weight

For today’s workout there will not be a set prescribed weight for the Snatches. You can either take it heavy and make it a strength endurance type workout or you can keep it light and fast!

CrossFit Las Cruces

3 Rounds
5 Rounds of “Cindy” (5 pull-ups, 10 push-ups, 15 squats)
7 Snatches

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It’s Here!

Desert Games week is already upon us! I plan on going up to El Paso on Friday for the standards meeting. Last year I took the majority of everyone’s waivers and turned them in all together and picked everyone’s packet up. I then met up with everyone Saturday morning before the comp started and handed out everyone’s packets.

I’m willing to do that again if someone from your team cannot make it to Friday registration. The only thing is my team goes first thing in the morning in the first heat so I wouldn’t be able to wait for you out front if you’re running late. But if you would like me to pick up your packet and meet on Saturday I’m sure we could make it work. I’ll leave a stack of waivers for everyone to fill out in my office on Tuesday.

I’ll also post here on the blog if there are any weird standards or changes that come up during the meeting just to ensure we are all on the same page.

CrossFit Las Cruces

2 Hang Squat Cleans
2 Full Squat Cleans

30 Toes to Bar
30 Thrusters (135/95)
30 Cal Row

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Some Perspective

I heard from many of our members that the 200 Wallball workout was one of the tougher workouts they’ve ever done. For some it took over 40 minutes. I know for me personally it was a very challenging workout. I also loved it! Here is where I got the sick idea to do such a workout and here is some perspective on just how good a CrossFit Games athlete is. Heppner did this with a 30# Wallball and with 205lbs on the bar for “DT”!!!

The Heats are up for the Desert Games! It’s a week away! Let’s Go!

CrossFit Las Cruces

3 Rounds
20 GHD Sit-Ups
10 HIGH Box Jumps

6 Chest to Bar Pull-Ups
12 Pistols

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The Heat Matters

So I’m going to be stating the obvious here but especially where we live the heat itself becomes a whole other factor that can affect what you do.

I know we have a good amount of service personnel so this blog is more so with you in mind, although it does apply to everyone, seeing as the gym becomes crazy hot around this time of year.

Today my crew and another crew went out for our bank tower drill. This is a drill that we do often. Bunkered up, full gear on air with an extra hose pack and/or tools, climb stairs then descend and repeat until you have used all of your available air. This time we wanted more of a challenge so we added more floors than usual and changed the sequence of floors climbed. On top of that we decided to go around 330pm-430pm. HOT.

As most of you can already guess by reading this, we crashed and crashed hard. Few of us made it through the whole way without needing a break. We all ran out of air before we got to the set number of stairs needed to finish and one didn’t finish at all. The heat and fatigue broke us all and got our heart rates racing from start to finish.

After we were done, the conversations we were having were barely done in coherent sentences. Would we have even been able to follow and give commands safely if this were a real fire in the middle of the day on the tenth floor? How many of us would have been able to begin fire attack and search for victims after charging up the stairs in full gear with equipment? How many bottles of air would it take? Would we be able to keep our heart rates low enough to still do work all while being in the heat and now entering a floor engulfed in fire?

One things for sure. I was so happy that we went. It was a great wake up call for everyone. We need to know just how destructive heat can be when you add it in to an already difficult task. It made me more aware of what my real limits were and what my preconceived limits were. If you have even the slightest chance of having to perform your job or specific tasks in the heat, then you need to expose yourself to that BEFORE the actual incident occurs. I’m not saying you need to train in the heat all the time, but I am saying that you cannot avoid it. Expose yourself to it and be honest with the results that you get. Then get back to the drawing board and see what worked well for you and what you can work on.

CrossFit Las Cruces

Complete 200 Wallballs

*Every time you break complete 1 Round of DT
12 Deadlifts
9 Hang Power Cleans
6 Push Jerks

SCALE if you need to! You can either scale down to 100 wallballs or 150. You can also scale the weight. Scale to a point where you find this workout to be approachable and enjoyable!

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Today’s Work


5 Rounds for max reps/rest as needed

Body weight Bench Press


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And Still….

Probably one of the better Games weekends in a long time. Every competitor out there was just so good. The level of competition is at its highest it’s ever been and it made for some great events. What was even more impressive was just how dominant both Fraser and Toomey were to maintain their title. If you missed some of the action you can go to and watch the replays of any event and any heat.

CrossFit Las Cruces

Back Squat

20 Hang Power Cleans (185/125)
100 Double Unders
10 Power Cleans (235/155)

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