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No Open Gym tomorrow

Just a reminder, we will be closed tomorrow. You can find us at CrossFit 915 east performing workout 13.4. Can’t wait to see you all there!

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13.4 it’s all about the grip!

7 minutes? A couplet of a bodyweight movement and a light to moderate weight? Sounds like an all out effort workout. The only catch is for the entire 7 minutes you’re hands are going to be in contact with either a barbell or a pull-up bar. If you are proficient at both the clean and jerk and toes to bar the only game changer in this workout will be your grip and your cardio. Oh yeah, you’re also going to have to embrace the suck for the whole 7 minutes. But let’s say you’re cardio is great and you are a zen master at embracing the suck that is CrossFit. The only thing to work on is the grip.
Do not try to hold on to the barbell for unbroken sets of the Clean and Jerks. It is a moderate weight but trying to do so will limit you on the toes to bar. Graham Holmberg tried to do this and struggled with it. Drop at the top of the Jerk and be as technically sound and efficient as possible on every lift. You don’t have to drop the bar on the set of threes but depending on your skill level you might want to start on the sixes and definitely drop on the nines. This will hopefully save your grip for the toes to bar. Obviously on the toes to bar you do not want to max out right away but you need to stay fast on them the entire time. Remember, it’s only 7 minutes so yes there is some strategy but only a little. You need to push yourself to keep moving on it and squeeze out every rep you possibly can. Good luck!


3 HEAVY sets of
3 Front Squats +2 Thrusters

Partner Workout!
21-15-9 then 9-15-21
Clean and Jerk
Toes to Bar

one person works on the movements until they reach 15 reps while the other does burpees

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Meet Christmas Abbott

One of the best first names ever!


50 Double Unders

30 Knees to Elbows

30 Push Press (85/55)

20 Knees to Elbows

20 Push Press

10 Knees to Elbows

10 Push Press

50 Double Unders


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This Saturday we will be heading to CrossFit 915 at their east side locaton. We will not be open at our spot on Saturday. If you cannot make it to El Paso and you are in the Open you will need to get with a coach and perform this weeks workout during the week. If you can make it, then you will need to register beforehand. Click this ridiculously huge link to register.

You cannot simply show up the day of in El Paso and expect to compete. There will be a ton of people there so registering before is absolutely necessary!


Looking for some interesting reading on Olympic Lifting? Jon North, one of Americas best lifters, has some great stuff on his blog The Dark Orchestra. He definitely has some attitude and can come off as cocky but I love how you cannot ignore the guy’s passion for weightlifting. Oh and he’s crazy about coffee, which makes him alright in my book. Here’s a sample:



Back Squat


a) Push Pres to Overhead Squat 5×3

b) Max Effort Handstand Push-ups

Perform one set of a then one set of until all 5 sets are done

4 Rounds

5 Squat Cleans

7 Handstand Push-ups

Start at roughly 70% of 1RM on Clean for the first round and add weight after each round.

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An El Paso invite!

A while back we extended the invite to our El Paso crossfitters to come throw down with us. They came and we had a great time. Now they have extended the invite to host us for Saturdays 13.4! We are trying to bridge the gap! See Aggies and Miners can get along! The workouts will begin at 9 am and go on until roughly 1130am. This is a great opportunity to experience a competitive environment on a local scale. If you are taking part in the Open, come join us in El Paso this Saturday. I will post more detailed information tomorrow night, including how to sign up for their Heats.

Snatch complex
Full Squat Snatch followed by Low Hang Snatch.

the low hang snatch starts below the knee with the plates approx. an inch from the ground

Rest 90 seconds
As many reps as possible in 4 minutes of Full Squat Snatch @70% of 1 rep max

Finish with 6 intervals of 2 minutes on 1 minute off
6 thrusters (115/85)
9 Burpees
For the remainder of the 2 minutes as many over the box jumps as possible

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Why do you CrossFit?

13.3 the aftermath. Training the way we do is flat out hard and at times painful. Many walk away from the gym scarred from jump ropes, rings, barbells, kettlebells, box jumps and rope climbs. Besides the scars is the soreness. After 150 wallballs my legs are angry. Trying to walk after sitting for an extended period of time leaves me walking like a newborn giraffe. I first started CrossFit to be better at my job. But now there are definitely times where I’m sure walking around in bunker gear with an air tank would be a lot easier if I hadn’t gotten my ass kicked at CrossFit the night prior. Truth is CrossFit becomes something very personal. It soon becomes a larger part of your life than most normal gym routines. For me, I keep coming back for more because it keeps me mentally engaged. I used to find myself mindlessly wandering the globo gyms going through my normal sets and reps then my cardio and calling it a day. Boring!! I cannot check out when I’m nearing my personal record Snatch or Clean and Jerk. Nor can I mindlessly go into our gymnastic movements. Everything we do in CrossFit requires focus, diligent practice, and determination. This is what separates our movements from all the other stuff and what keeps me coming back. I don’t need intense focus and determination to do a set of calf raises or Swiss ball exercises. Do they hurt? Sure, anything can hurt if you do it long enough. Will they ever make me a better athlete and keep me coming back for more? Nope! For me personally, I enjoy the practice and preparation as much as I do the competitions. Having a skill to always work and improve upon is the surprise I found in CrossFit. Whether it be muscle ups, double unders, handstand walks, snatches or cleans. When you find yourself frustrated because improvement or motivation is coming slow, step back and think about why you’re doing it all in the first place. It shouldn’t be to solely get a faster Fran time or six pack abs. Although those are nice compliments for your efforts.

A) 5×3 Push Jerk

B) Weighted Pull-ups 5×3

Alternate a set of A) then B) until all sets are done

3 rounds
Run 400m
21 Kb swings
12 pull-ups

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It’s as easy as 1…2…3!

If only muscle ups were that easy. CrossFit competitions are great at giving people small panic attacks regarding certain skills. Take 13.3 for example. Before the announcement there was talk amongst our gym about what people would like to see and what they were not looking forward to. After the announcement, this talk grew like wildfire from “oh no not muscle ups” to “I need to learn how to do a muscle up NOW!” This is typical CrossFit. It will expose your weaknesses. I’m still recovering from the embarrassment of my handstand walks at the last local competition we did!
Truth is if you don’t have muscle ups right now, the chances of you getting your first after 150 wallballs and 90 double unders is pretty slim. But yes you should still try! You never know. I love to be proven wrong about this sort of stuff. If the only thing holding you back from doing well on 13.3 is muscle ups, ask yourself…do I have good chest to bar pull-ups? Do I have good deep ring dips? Can I kip on the rings while maintaining a false grip? If you can answer yes to all these questions then it sounds like you need coaching and lots and lots of practice. Come to our coaches and ask for help. I will do anything and everything I can to help you get there. If you truly want your first muscle up then you have to be tenacious with it. Practice, practice, practice!

13.3 Open workout
For those competing tomorrow try and get there early and fill out a scorecard. This will help when heats are organized and decided. Athletes should be there by 1030am. Those not competing, come join us and cheer your classmates on!

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