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Bring Some Socks

Rope climbs are difficult by themselves but they can be even more so if you are not well prepared. First off, technique is crucial. Once you have learned how to pull, wrap, and climb utilizing your entire body, each climb becomes easier. Even after you have gotten the technique down rope climbs can still become extremely uncomfortable. This is where socks or some sort of leg wraps become very valuable. The socks simply provide a barrier between the friction of the rope onto your leg. We have seen some pretty nasty scars after high volume rope climbs. Please don’t be that person! Bring some high socks with you or keep them in your gym bag and prevent any scars from happening.

Back Squat

5 Rope Climbs
10 Wallballs
4 Rope Climbs
15 Wallballs
3 Rope Climbs
20 Wallballs
2 Rope Climbs
25 Wallballs
1 Rope Climb
30 Wallballs

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The Hard Work is Paying Off

Every class did great with today’s workouts. Everybody’s overall movement and technique continue to improve. We fit in a ton of work in that one hour timeframe and every class gave it their all making their time at the gym worthwhile. Great job! Keep it up!

5 sets of the following:
3 Push Presses + 1 Push Jerk

30 Reps for time
Squat Clean and Jerk (155/105)

Rest 2 minutes

40 Reps for time
Toes to Bar

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One of My Favorite Videos

This shows two of the top male Crossfit athletes doing what they do best. The video also brings to light the importance of technique especially when the weight gets heavier. Oh yeah, and Rob Orlando is just the man.


3 Rounds Max Effort Row 250m

Complete 15 Burpees as fast as possible after each round


Clean grip Romanian Deadlift 3×8



Deadlifts (225/155)

Box Jumps

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The Old Crew

I have to give a shout out to some of the members that have been with me for a long time. This morning I got to spend some time with a handful of the old vets and it reminded me of when we all first started out and how far everyone has come since then. It’s crazy to see how everyone has improved in their overall fitness. Not only has everyone gotten way stronger but their conditioning and mental toughness has improved as well. Seeing these guys move through the variety of workouts with skill and ease makes me so proud! It has made me believe that anyone, no matter what their fitness level, can improve as long as they are dedicated, hardworking, and consistent. CrossFit can change your life but you’ve got to be willing to put in the time and effort. If you don’t believe me, just ask the people in the picture.


Snatch Balance
3×3 with a 2 second pause at the bottom

Hang Snatch
4×3 heavy as possible

Alternating Tabatas
Push Press (95/65)
Rest 90 seconds
Power Snatches (95/65)
Double Unders

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Run 1 Mile
100 Pull-ups
200 Push-ups
300 Squats
Run 1 Mile

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Memorial Day Murph

This Monday we will remember those who served by completing one of CrossFit’s Hero workouts. All around the world CrossFit affiliates will pay tribute to one Navy Seal in particular, Lt. Michael Murphy. You can register for Memorial Day Murph here:

Proceeds will go towards supporting The Lone Survivor Foundation. This foundation helps welcome wounded warriors home and offer support to their families. The workout is brutal, and will be one of the harder workouts we will do all year, but it is for a good cause and a great way to spend Memorial Day. I encourage everyone to sign up and take part in the workout. Plus, you’ll receive a sweet T-shirt to add to your CrossFit wardrobe!

Click here to learn more about Lt. Michael Murphy:


Back Squat 5×3 (3 second pause at the bottom)


50 Sit-ups

10 Kb Snatches (alternating 5 in each hand)

5 Rounds

20 Kb Swings (55/35)

20 Push-ups


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What Makes a Class so Special?

Camaraderie and Accountability. Working out alone day in and day out is mentally taxing. Classes and training partners can help bring extra energy and motivation that might be lacking if you were working out by yourself. Each class we have has a very distinct personality but there are a few traits that remain constant throughout the day at our gym. Friendships and friendly competition keep motivation and improvement high. While being held accountable to those friends keeps you coming and makes you less likely to slack off on working out. The class is just as important as the programming. Next time you see someone who might need a little motivation remember that your voice and encouragement might be the one thing they need to finish that final push in a tough workout.

4×1 of the following sequence
3 Push Press and 1 Push Jerk
As heavy as possible

10 pull-ups
10 thrusters (bar only)

3 Rounds
5 Power Cleans (185/125)
2 Push Jerks
7 Handstand Push-ups

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