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For some of you this video is a repeat, but I like to look back on this video from time to time because it has a lot of important points that sometimes can be forgotten. I also wanted to repost this video because we have a few more followers who might not have seen it the first time it was posted. I like this video because it poses the question of not just “what are you going to do today, but more importantly HOW are you going to do it”. There are many people who can talk about success and “coach” and critique you on how you should live your life yet these very people are incapable of actually producing something themselves. Many people talk of success but few actually produce something successful, because they are unwilling to do the work. Results come from a strong work ethic.


15 minutes to establish a 1 rep max Clean

15 minutes to establish a 1 rep max Back Squat


Burpee Box Jumps


5 Rounds with 1 minute rest between rounds

90 second max effort Bear Complex (115/80)

Complex consists of: Clean, Front Squat, Push Press, Back Squat, Behind the Neck Push Press

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Positioning in the Jerk

At heavy weights the Jerk can really test just how committed you are towards completing the lift. One must have an all or nothing approach once that bar is resting on your shoulders. You either commit to accelerating the bar with your hips, shooting your feet out, and pushing yourself under the bar or you miss the lift. Everything needs to be fast and explosive. There should be a loud CRACK! from the sound of your foot hitting the floor as you simultaneously receive the bar in the split position with a tight upright torso and strong engaged shoulders. With proper foot position and spacing, a solid midline, and proper hand placing a solid foundation for the bar is made. Trust your foundation and get into the split position as quickly as you can with 100% commitment. When done right it should look something like this….


Push Press
15 minutes to establish a max 3 Rep Push Jerk

Volume Training (Pick a skill that gives you trouble and focus on improvement. Attack your weaknesses!)

Death by Snatch (95/65)
With a continuously running clock complete 1 snatch for every minute that passes until you can no longer keep pace with the minutes.
1st minute=1 Snatch
2nd minute=2 Snatches
3rd minute= 3 Snatches…..

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Sundays couldn’t get any better

The Champs: CrossFit Games 2013

Rich Froning


Samantha Briggs


Hanging out with the CFLC crew watching the finale to the Games made my Sunday. Thanks to Margaret and Mark for hosting and to everyone who came and brought all the great food! We definitely have got to do it again soon. Maybe we can do another going away get together for when Evan actually leaves!

Front Squat
4×4 with 3 second Pause (as heavy as possible)

Alternating Tabatas
Handstand Push-ups
Double Unders

3 Rope Climbs
Sprint 200m
10 Hang Squat Cleans (155/105)
4 Rope Climbs
Sprint 200m
10 Hang Squat Cleans
3 Rope Climbs
Sprint 200m
10 Hang Squat Cleans

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The One that beat Speal

At this year’s Regionals Zach Forrest edged out Chris Spealler in one of  CrossFit’s most competitive men’s regions, our very own Southwest. Zach, a self proclaimed average athlete, showed this year that with the right mental attitude one can push beyond any preconceived boundaries and do something great.


Establish a 3 rep max Pause Snatch (hold 3 seconds below the knee for each rep)

Back Squat

1×10 @70%, 1×8 @75%, 2×6 @80%

For Time:

30 Hand Release Push-ups

9 Hang Power Snatches (115/75)

20 Hand Release Push-ups

12 Hang Power Snatches

10 Hand Release Push-ups

15 Hang Power Snatches

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Killing it!


All of our classes did great with today’s workout! It was great to see so many people giving it their all in an effort to be better than yesterday. Great People in a Positive Environment. I love this gym!

Just a reminder, Evan’s going away party is going down this weekend. It will be at Margaret’s from 3-10 this Sunday. There is a flyer up on the whiteboard with more info but it basically works like this: We all bring our favorite entrée, appetizer, or tasty beverage, then eat and drink until we get all emotional and tell Evan how much we’re going to miss his face. The finale to this years CrossFit Games will also be on as well as swimming and hot tubbing, and possibly people getting thrown in the pool. Everyone from the gym is welcome.

In 15 minutes establish a max 2 rep pause clean and jerk. (Pause 3 seconds just below the knee for each rep)

Take 90% of your 2 rep and hit 3×3 Pause Clean and Jerk

3 Rounds
7 Front Squats @ 70%
21 KB Swings (55/35)
50 Double Unders

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The Games are Here!


Finally, it’s Games season again! The elite will be competing this weekend to find the fittest man and woman in the world. It started with The Open which many of you participated in, then went to Regionals and it all comes to a conclusion this weekend. This year there are a ton of new faces going against some of the top veterans and each event that has been announced so far looks to be incredibly tough. The one that sticks out in my mind is the Rowing event. It’s simple yet horrible. Row a half marathon. That’s 21,097 meters! Over an hour of non stop rowing. To keep up with all of The Games action go to

Push Press
5×5 as Heavy as Possible

Pull-up/Kipping/Muscle-Up work

5 Rounds
20 seconds ME Push Press (115/75)
Rest 10 seconds
20 seconds ME C2B Pull-ups
Rest 10 seconds
40 seconds ME Burpee Box Jumps
Rest 20 seconds

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New Gear


There’s been some new additions to our gym. We just got a couple new bars and boxes. The boxes can be flipped to either a 20″, 24″, or 30″ height. The new bars are Bella Bars from Rogue. You can tell these bars from the others by the R on the ends of each bar. They are women’s weightlifting bars. The diameter is smaller than your normal bar, making it easier for smaller hands to keep their grip. They also have a better “spin” than the other smaller bars which should transfer over to making heavier lifts possible. These bars are a bit pricey so with them come a few gym rules. Please do not store the bars with the other bars. For now we are just keeping them behind the two platforms on the main floor. Lastly, these bars should not be on the squat racks. The racks over time wear down the knurling on the bar making them harder to grip. Ok that’s it for the rules, now please use them and make some lifts happen!


2×10 Deadlift (as heavy as possible)

3 rounds of 2 minute max effort sit-ups with 1 minute rest

20 Burpees
3 Rounds
10 Toes to Bar
30 Overhead Walking Lunges (45/25)
20 Burpees
3 Rounds
10 Toes to Bar
30 Overhead Walking Lunges

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