Killing it!


All of our classes did great with today’s workout! It was great to see so many people giving it their all in an effort to be better than yesterday. Great People in a Positive Environment. I love this gym!

Just a reminder, Evan’s going away party is going down this weekend. It will be at Margaret’s from 3-10 this Sunday. There is a flyer up on the whiteboard with more info but it basically works like this: We all bring our favorite entrée, appetizer, or tasty beverage, then eat and drink until we get all emotional and tell Evan how much we’re going to miss his face. The finale to this years CrossFit Games will also be on as well as swimming and hot tubbing, and possibly people getting thrown in the pool. Everyone from the gym is welcome.

In 15 minutes establish a max 2 rep pause clean and jerk. (Pause 3 seconds just below the knee for each rep)

Take 90% of your 2 rep and hit 3×3 Pause Clean and Jerk

3 Rounds
7 Front Squats @ 70%
21 KB Swings (55/35)
50 Double Unders

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