Positioning in the Jerk

At heavy weights the Jerk can really test just how committed you are towards completing the lift. One must have an all or nothing approach once that bar is resting on your shoulders. You either commit to accelerating the bar with your hips, shooting your feet out, and pushing yourself under the bar or you miss the lift. Everything needs to be fast and explosive. There should be a loud CRACK! from the sound of your foot hitting the floor as you simultaneously receive the bar in the split position with a tight upright torso and strong engaged shoulders. With proper foot position and spacing, a solid midline, and proper hand placing a solid foundation for the bar is made. Trust your foundation and get into the split position as quickly as you can with 100% commitment. When done right it should look something like this….


Push Press
15 minutes to establish a max 3 Rep Push Jerk

Volume Training (Pick a skill that gives you trouble and focus on improvement. Attack your weaknesses!)

Death by Snatch (95/65)
With a continuously running clock complete 1 snatch for every minute that passes until you can no longer keep pace with the minutes.
1st minute=1 Snatch
2nd minute=2 Snatches
3rd minute= 3 Snatches…..

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