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Oly Class Killed It!

Congrats to our first ever Oly class, you guys did great! It’s been a great experience seeing how fast some of you have improved. The biggest improvements I’ve seen is everyone’s general understanding of where they need to be and where the bar should be at each critical position of their lifts, whether it be from the ground, at the knee or in the power position. What follows this general understanding and “feel” for the bar is improved technique and body awareness which will later transfer over to heavier lifts. Keep up the hard work guys, and remember that you are all stronger and more capable than you think. Work without any preconceived limitations and you just might surprise yourself!









Last one is our biggest lift of the day. She crushed this weight!


3 sets at a heavy working weight of the following:
3 Clean Grip High Pulls + 1 Full Clean and Jerk (the goal is to perform the entire complex without putting the bar down)

3 Rounds for total reps of:

1 min. ME Front Squats (135/95)
1 min. ME HSPU
1 min. ME Kb Swings (55/35)
1 min. ME Pull-ups

Rest 1 minute in between rounds

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Olympic Weightlifting Wrap Up

Don’t forget, this Saturday will be the conclusion of our Olympic Lifting Course. Open gym will not start until 11. For those in the course, remember to come in with max 1 rep numbers in mind and be ready to lift! Most improved lifter gets a grand prize of one free hug from Andres! I can’t believe I just pimped my cousin out like that

HBBS 1×5@70%, 2×5@75%
Front Squat 2×5@75%, 1×5@80%, 1×3@85%

800m all out sprint
50 Double Unders
Immediately after the Double Unders
12 minutes to establish a 3 rep max Push Jerk


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It’s Coming Kayla!

So Kayla replied to yesterday’s post with a great squat video. You’re right Kayla, it does look fun but also bad at the same time. Which of course means we have to try it! I’ll work it into our programming for next week either Tuesday or Friday. For those of you who have a severe lack of rhythm, like myself, good luck!

GOAT Training (15 minutes to work on improving your weaknesses)

5 Rounds
Row 200m
20 Box Jumps


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The New Squat Cycle


That kid’s got a great squat. There have been some questions regarding whether or not we will continue to work on our squats after Smolov. We are absolutely going to continue to work on our squat. It’s a never ending process. It’s great that we got better at the movement, got stronger and PR’d. But now we’ve got to maintain that progress and build upon the foundation that we’ve created. We are doing another cycle of squats, that will be nowhere near as difficult as Smolov but it will still help us progress. We are actually on it right now. The template will be: dedicated squats on Tuesdays and Fridays. So if you’re looking to continue with your strength gains, particularly in the squat, those are the days you need to make it into the gym.

1a) Clean Grip Deadlifts with a 3 second pause below the knee 4×5
1b) Bent Over Rows 4×5

3 Rounds
Run 400m
21 Kb Swings (55/35)
12 Pull-ups

Rest 3 minutes

Kb Swings (55/35)

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Open Gym closed 10am-11am

This Saturday we will be finishing our in house Olympic Lifting Course. We had a great turnout for it being our first run, and we saw some legitimate improvements amongst those that attended. So much so that we plan to do another course in the future. We will wrap it up this weekend by putting the course through something that would resemble a Weightlifting meet. Each participant will have the floor to themselves to hit a 1 rep max Snatch and 1 rep max Clean and Jerk. This is only for those that completed the course and in order to help eliminate any distractions we will not be having Open Gym from 10-11. There still will be Open Gym time after 11.
For those that are in the course please come prepared this Saturday with an idea of what your “opening weight” will be. This weight should be close to your max but a weight that you know you can hit. After your opener you will be able to attempt to go up to a higher weight if you choose to.

15 minutes to establish a 3 rep max Front Squat

1×20 HBBS as heavy as possible with proper form

20 Double Unders
5 Power Cleans @75% of 1 Rep Max
*Every two minutes stop wherever you are in the workout and complete 10 burpees. The workout starts and finishes with the Burpees.

Rest 2 minutes


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Fixing the Jerk

I think we have seen some improvement with the Push Jerk and the Split Jerk yet there still seems to be a lot of missed lifts happening. After harping on many of our lifters to push their knees out to the sides during the dip instead of forward, many were able to break through old plateaus and hit new personal records. But I still think you guys have more in you! One easy fix that helps with bar control and body position is controlling the downward portion of the dip. The dip that initiates the lift does not need to be explosive or fast by any means. The hip drive and subsequent landing afterwards absolutely needs to be fast. Remember, when your coaches tell you to be fast on the Jerk, be fast during the drive and especially shooting your feet out to receive the bar. But keep the dip controlled. The dip is all about getting your body and the bar in the proper position before you take off. Stay strong, controlled, and with a solid upright torso. Dip through the heels pushing your knees out to the sides, then fire every freaking muscle in your body and drive with the hips while shooting yourself under the bar.

4 sets (heavy but perfect)
3 Snatch High Pulls (from the floor each time) + 1 Full Snatch

100m Sprint
90 sec. Max Effort sit-ups
9 Thrusters (95/65)

Rest 3 min.

1 min. Max effort Hand Release push-ups
20 Toes to Bar
20 Wallballs
20 Toes to Bar
1 min. Max effort Hand Release push-ups

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Saturday work for Competitors

If you are competing try your best to come in and hit this workout during open gym…

Open Gym

Boxtoberfest Athletes
15 minutes Handstand Practice (handstand holds, push-ups, walks)
Rest as much as needed

3 Rounds
200m sled drag. (135/90 weight does not include the sled, so either 3 plates or 2)
5 Thrusters (135/95)
5 Hang Power Snatches (135/95)
Rest 1:1

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