Tons of PR’s today!

It seemed as though every class that I saw today people were killing their old 1 rep max Cleans. There were multiple people that not only beat their old PR but beat it by 10,15,20+ lbs! A lot of these were people that have been with us for a while, so it wasn’t like your first couple months of CrossFit where everything is a new PR. These were legit weights earned through consistent hard effort. Great work by everybody today.

People ask me who the guy is on the back of our shirts. He is Lu Xiaojun and is probably the most dialed in lifter at this moment. He just broke a world record with this perfect snatch. Technique is everything

Thats 387.2 lbs at a body weight of 170lbs!


Squat Complex: 4 sets of 7 Front Squats/13 Back Squats @65% of 1 rep max Front Squat. Each set is done without re-racking the bar. There is only a slight re-rack when transitioning from the Front Squat to the Back Squat but there should not be any breaks until all 20 reps are completed. 

3 Rounds

20 Pull-Ups

30 second Max Effort Push Press (135/95)

Rest 90 Seconds between each round

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