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Favorite Moments Part 1

Here are four out of my top ten moments from this past weekend in no particular order:
The Newbies!
This year we had a lot of first time competitors which helped give this competition a breath of fresh air. Each first time team came in with great positive attitudes, making the weekend fun and relaxing. I truly enjoyed hanging with some of the new guys because it reminded me that all of this is supposed to be enjoyable and to not take ourselves too seriously. At the same time when the announcer yelled 3..2..1..GO! these teams gave it their all and experienced a new level of intensity that many had never seen before while working out at our gym. Thank you to all of the first timers for having the right attitude. I hope this is just the start of more fun competitions.





The Masters
The best motivation by far: our Masters group. Seeing this group go through some of these workouts was something I will never forget. You guys rocked it! With the Special K’s working hard on the sandbag event and the Chipper Snappers putting up 95lbs over their head, these two teams did not disappoint. You all motivated an entire crowd this weekend by showing us the rewards of hard work and dedication.


The Swim Event

The swim was an event that you don’t see too often at a local throwdown. I at first was not happy when the event was first announced. I wanted some more traditional type CrossFit workouts but once we were in the warmup area you could just feel the energy of the crowd and the other competitors all around you. Diving into the pool and seeing the other athletes in the lanes beside me while hearing the muffled sounds of the crowd cheering above the water was a huge rush. And if you ever need swim lessons, I learned we have quite a few studs when it comes to the pool. Eric, Kayla,Margaret, and Sarah made the pool event look EASY!

The Pistoleras!
Wow. What can I say about this team. By far the most consistent performance I saw all weekend. Kayla and Emily were dialed in on every movement and hung in there with some very beastly women! I know you might not have felt this way but you two handled yourselves with this calm cool confidence throughout all three events. The Pistoleras were sitting at the top spot after the first day and unfortunately fell to #6 once it was all said and done. Kayla and Emily, you should be very proud of your performance, I know I am. I just kept wanting to yell out “I know those two!”


10 minutes Kipping Practice/Pull-up Practice

12 Minutes Every Minute on the Minute
Even minutes 3 Squat Cleans @65% of 1RM
Odd minutes 5 chest to bar pull-ups

50 Box Jumps
60 Toes to Bar
50 Box Jumps
Every time you come off the bar during the Toes to Bar work immediately perform 2 Wall Crawls


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Best/Worst Weekend Ever!

Boxtoberfest was beyond amazing! Every one of our athletes pushed themselves beyond what they thought was possible and did some great things. I am proud to be a part of such a dynamic group. On the downside, worst weekend ever for my poor legs. They haven’t been this sore in a long time! Getting out of bed tomorrow should be interesting.
I’m going to post my favorite top ten moments from this weekend in this week’s coming posts. Those that competed feel free to reply with some of your favorite moments as well.

15 minutes to establish a 1 rep max Push/Split Jerk

4 Rounds
7 Power Snatches (135/95)
14 Lateral Box Jumps
21 Wallballs

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930 Class is still on

I had a few people ask me about the 930 class tomorrow. We will be open for the 930. The only times that will be closed tomorrow will be 5 and 6 am. All other times will be open

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Ghengis Grill!

Ok Boxtoberfest guys, some of us will be at Ghengis Grill at 730. Everyone is welcome to meet up there and get your grub on. I will also have shirts in my car ready for disbursement! I have red shirts for the men and some burnout tees for the women.
Also, packet pickup is at blackbox fitness from 6-9 tonight. This is where you will check in and pick up your bag of goodies

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It’s Time!

Competition time is here! I hope everyone going has a great time and enjoys the events. Please don’t stress out too much. This should be first and foremost a fun event. Remember that when you feel those nerves kick in just before your heat starts!
I will post thoughts on the final event tomorrow. Shirts are being delivered tomorrow and I will take them up there and hand them out when I see you all for dinner or in the morning on Saturday.

Morning classes are still on tomorrow, but we will be closed for the afternoon.

2x500m Row (all out effort)

40 Burpees
30 Snatches (75/45)
30 Burpees
30 Snatches (135/75)
20 Burpees
30 Snatches (165/100)
10 Burpees
Snatches (210/120)

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Event 2

First off, I am a horrible swimmer. So the thoughts on event 2 are not my own, rather they are some collective thoughts gathered from some of our members who are much better swimmers than I am. For event 2, I’m going to focus solely on the 10lb brick that they threw into the mix. Without the brick it’s basically a sprint relay and my only advice on that is to umm swim and umm swim fast.
So on to the brick. Obviously the trouble is going to be carrying the brick while still trying to navigate through the pool quickly. Here’s some different approaches that were thrown out there from our members. 1. Side stroke. This would be perhaps the easiest and most secure way to hold the brick but it makes for a slow pace. If you’re not the best swimmer this might be the safest route.
2. Freestyle. Place the brick high in between your legs and freestyle. This could work but it will fatigue you quickly due to the isometric hold you’ll be doing in order to keep the brick from slipping. If you’re a strong swimmer who can use mostly arms this might be a good approach.
3. Backstroke. Place the brick on your chest, and backstroke your way through. Not as tiring as the freestyle approach but you better be comfortable with the backstroke!
Kayla tried this workout with the same brick that we’ll be using and found that she could freestyle down then place the brick on her chest and frog kick while on her back. Hopefully we’ll have enough time before the heats to mess around with it all.

1a) Bent Over Rows 4×8
1b) Snatch Grip Push Press 4×3
1c) Overhead Squat 4×2

7 DeadLifts (185/125)
50 Walking Lunges

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Event 1

Sorry for the late post but it’s been a bit of a long night. First off, if you’re not doing so already you should be tapering off of your workouts and resting so that you are ready for the weekend. You can still do some lower intensity stuff. If you must do something, I would suggest working on the details of some of the movement standards for the workouts you’re going to see. Or perhaps practice for the movement/s that you feel will give you the most trouble this weekend.

Event 1: I think this is going to be a very fun but grueling workout. It’s fast paced and challenging which should make it a good one, especially with a teammate. Jeremy and I went through a mock up of this one and approached it with two different strategies. Jeremy did a low set number of reps in the beginning (10-15), then tried to push hard at the end and max out when the weight got heavier. I did a steady pace all the way through, trying to just get as many reps as possible while not going too fast to gas out. My approach instantly sent my heart rate through the roof and kept it there for the entirety of the workout. Jeremy’s did not seem to gas him out in the beginning but in the end he was still breathing pretty heavy. Bottom line: no matter the approach we were both equally fatigued by the time we got to the heavier weights and struggled to get any large amount of reps in the limited time we had. After we struggled with our crude caveman math, the numbers showed that it’s the first five or six stations that really mattered. You need to shoot for high yet doable numbers on the first half of the event. Probably 20-30 reps each depending on how well conditioned you are and how good your squats are. No matter what, 20 minutes of squatting an increasing load is going to leave you extremely fatigued towards the last few stations.
Obviously the faster you are with the jump rope the more time you have on the squats. So make every jump rope as perfect as possible. I would also recommend one person hitting their set number of squats then the next person goes and that’s it. As opposed to trying to transition multiple times between who is squatting (the sand bags take up too much time lifting, getting situated properly with it, and lowering them). The transition time is too long to try and switch more than once, at least in the opening stations.
The lifting will be awkward but you can “Atlas stone it”,(refer to standards video) so that method should make you capable of lifting each sandbag up and performing at least one squat. Also if your team has someone with a big engine and decent squats I would put them in going second on the jump rope and squats. That way that person with the engine can be kind of like your anchor on a last relay lap.
It should be fun!

15 minutes to hit a 1 rep Clean and Jerk

Clean and Jerk
3×2@80% of the newly established 1 rep

20 Wallballs
12 Hang Cleans (135/95)
2 Rope Climbs

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