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Another Open in the Books!


Another year of Open competition has passed. Every one of our members went above and beyond their normal intensity which made for some exciting Saturdays. Thank you guys for making this years Open our best one yet!
Now that the Open is behind us we can begin with some new training cycles. The emphasis during this “off season” will be on increasing strength while building on fundamental gymnastic movements. We will spend this coming week in a sort of de-load then begin next week with a new squat cycle.


Spend the first half of class working towards a 1 rep max in anything that you want.

3 Rounds
Run 400m
21 Kb Swings (55/35)
12 Pull-ups

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14.5 Tips

Last One

Pacing- How this workout feels will be largely influenced by the first two “rounds” of the workout (reps 21 and 18). If you add up these reps and compare it to the sum of the other reps you have 39 reps for the first two rounds and 45 for the remaining 5 rounds (15,12,9,6,3). So almost 50% of the work will be done in two large high rep pieces. Keep this in mind when you start out and remember to not go too hot right in the beginning. If you pace these first two wrong and go too fast, you are going to have a very long, very miserable workout. Slow down, especially on the first set of burpees. You should come off of the 21 and still feel pretty good when you begin your set of 18 thrusters. This workout is deceiving, anytime you go thruster/burpee the first round feels great until you get back to do your next set of thrusters. That’s when the cardio component kicks in and if you went too fast to start with, it will hit you hard.

Breathing- Breathing is huge with this one because of that delay in cardio that I just covered. You need to focus on your breathing more so than you probably normally do. The thrusters should have an exhalation at the bottom and an exhalation at the top. Burpees should have an exhalation at the bottom push-up portion, an exhalation as you pop up and land, then another as you land over the bar. All these are true exhalations, don’t do like some forceful karate type yell, just a big breath in and a big breath out. Do not hold your breath! Try to remember that throughout the entirety of the workout you should be constantly breathing or at least until you get past the 12’s. This means no grunting. Anytime you grunt to produce force, you also hold your breath. If you fall into that habit on this workout, you will be screwed. Once you get to the 9’s it’s more of a sprint and anything goes, but stay as smooth as possible up until then.

Thrusters and Burpees- Rest for the thrusters needs to be done at the top of the press. Think press/pause, lockout and exhale then come back down into your next thruster. Try not to rest in the rack position. Resting while the bar is on your chest and shoulders will force you to breathe harder and use more energy than needed because you are now in a static hold with weight sitting on your chest. When you are done with your thrusters, do not drop the bar. This is only going to make you work harder and slow you down on your burpees because that bar is going to be flying all over the place. Set the bar down, this will also get you setup to go straight into your first burpee. When landing on the other side to go into your next burpee, think jump/turn halfway in the air then land. This will set you up to turn your body a quarter, kick your legs out and begin your next bar facing burpee. Some have tried to jump/do a full turn in the air/ land and go straight into the next bar facing burpee and they were gassed after the first set. This jump and half turn will not send your heart rate flying and it will set you up for the most efficient bar facing burpee.

If you have any issues with getting into the front rack position, this is going to be a long day for you my friend. The eccentric portion of the burpees is going to cause some severe internal rotation of that shoulder causing that rack position to get harder and harder as you fatigue. This means you must spend a large amount of time warming up and ensuring that you have the best rack possible when you begin this workout.

If you are a more compact athlete, who is also very mobile this workout is going to be very very painful. Sorry Andres, but you are in for a bad time. This workout will be a very fast, high metabolic workout for these individuals.

If you are a longer athlete, who might struggle a little with positioning this workout will be more about muscular endurance. It’s all shoulders for you. Pacing will be critical. Break up the thrusters before fatigue sets in and go nice and smooth on the burpees. Yes the primary mover for thrusters should be the hips but with this many reps every body part used is going to be affected, there’s just no way around that.


15 minutes to get an increase in blood flow to the muscles. This can be rowing, AirDyne, running, high knees, butt kickers, leg swings. Just keep moving

Work to a moderate 2 rep Front Squat (nothing crazy heavy but something to get the muscles firing)

3 Rounds

3 Thrusters (105/70)

3 Bar facing Burpees (practice the jump and turn)

Do at least two rounds. Do not do one round and think “Oh yeah I got this” then walk away. You need to see what the thrusters feel like after doing the burpees.

EMOM 5 minutes

1 Thruster at a somewhat heavy load. Maybe 115-125 for the guys and 75-85 for the women. I’m a huge fan of overloading because it makes the thruster feel lighter when you begin the actual workout


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Yay Thruster AND Burpees YAAaaayyy!

14.5 is here and it’s going to hurt. Light enough and fast enough so that there is no reason to really stop. But light enough and fast enough to make you want to stop. This one will be all about that ability to move forward even though everything is telling you to stop. Enjoy!

Establish a heavy 1 rep thruster (heavy but not to the point where positioning is lost)

Thrusters (95/65)
Bar facing Burpees

Scale reps and weight to skill level

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The Final Workout

14.5 will be announced today. Any guesses on what might be coming up? Everyone is preparing for Thrusters and Burpees, we’ll know soon enough!
Don’t forget about our cookout/potluck this Saturday after the Open workout is done. These cookouts are always a good time with great food. Everyone is invited, so even if you’re not competing this Saturday and you’re not interested in watching a bunch of people work out, you can still stop by just for the cookout. We will start the Open competition at the usual time: 11a.m. For the first heat. Athletes need to be at the gym by 10:30 a.m. The cookout will follow afterwards around 1/1:30. Hope to see you all there.


Today the focus will be on Hips and Glutes. As well as shoulders and Triceps

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Protein Rocks!

Thanks to Joseph, every time I have a protein shake I think of this commercial.



Push Jerk 5-5-5-3-3-3-1-1-1 (weight increases as reps decrease)

Snatch Pulls 4×4  (focus on first pull and bar position, slow and perfect. No High Pull, just to the hip then lower back down)


One minute on, One minute off AirDyne or Row @ 90% effort

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5×3 Pause Squats (hold for 3 seconds at the bottom, Heavy but Perfect)



Double Unders

Kb Swings (55/35)


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One More Week!

This Saturday will be the final workout of the Open. It’s been great watching our members push their own limits on every workout we’ve had so far. I think some of you have even surprised yourself with just how well you’ve moved throughout some of the workouts. I know afterwards all of us coaches have been like giddy little fans saying…oh did you see so and so, they did so freaking good. And I can’t believe how fast they were moving.
We will end this Saturday with a CrossFit cookout/potluck immediately following the workout. I encourage everyone to come out and get to know your fellow gym goers. I’ll have a sign up sheet posted so everyone can list what they plan on bringing for the potluck. We plan on already having some burgers and brats, so it will mainly be beverages and sides that are needed.

4×2+1 Full Snatch (Perform 2 reps of High Hang, then Hang, then Low Hang. Afterwards complete 1 full Snatch)

Even minutes: 7 Push Press (135/95)
Odd minutes: 10 Kb Lunges (55/35)

Rest 2 minutes

12 Burpees

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