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I had a conversation once with a very gifted athlete, this athlete told me that even though they had once excelled at competitive sports they did not believe competition was something that should be valued in our society.

This my friends is bullshit

Part of every one of us from a very early age is competitive. Line a group of people up, no matter what the age, gender, or nationality, tell them we are going for a fun run, and say 3-2-1 GO! and everyone goes nuts. One recent example I saw of this exact scenario is our annual Physical Agility Test that we do for the Fire Department. Before the test every guy is walking around saying “as long as I pass that’s all that counts”, but as soon as they say go everybody takes off as fast as they can. You might argue that even though it’s in our human nature it doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s right. There is a very simple rebuttal to this argument. Imagine the Navy SEALS without competition. Imagine any military branch without a hiring process and promotional structure that is not competitive based. Imagine your local fire and police department. Imagine any job, then imagine someone in that field calling the shots that wasn’t the absolute best. The only way to prove competence and excellence is through competition. I’m sorry my gifted athlete but the entire world that we live in depends on competition in one way or another. Heck, the price I pay for a gallon of milk is dependent on competition. Could you imagine sports without competition? Boring! Could you imagine the 90’s without Michael Jordan (yes I’m dating myself here)? Boring!

Ok, enough with the rant. Competition also has the ability to bring out the very best in you. One can learn so much about themselves with it. Do you have the nerve to sign up for the competition? Do you have the discipline and follow through to train day in and day out for it? Can you handle the nerves and pressure the day of the competition? Will you rise to the occasion and challenge yourself during the event? Can you convince yourself to push beyond your comfort zone? If you can achieve all this, win or lose, more than likely you are now a better person coming out of it all than you were going in.


1a) 4×10 Snatch Grip RDL

1b) 4×8 Snatch Grip Push Press


4 Minutes Max effort Wallballs/Rest 1 Minute

3 Minutes Max effort Burpees/Rest 1 Minute

2 Minutes Max effort OH Walking Lunges (45/25)/Rest 1 Minute

2 Minutes Max effort Sit-ups




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Connectivity and Weightlifting

Most people seem to be extremely sore from Monday’s workout so our mobility this week will focus on some of those sore spots: Lats, Pecs and Quads

5:30 Weightlifting
5×2 Pause Cleans (Pause below the knee and hold for 3 seconds then finish)

4×3 Front Squats + 3 Push Jerks (Complete all 3 squats then all 3 Jerks for 4 sets)

1a) 3×8 Bent Over Rows
1b) 3×8 Good Mornings

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Happy Birthday Nicole!

Ok so I completely forgot to wish happy birthday to Nicole on yesterday’s blog. What’s worse is just last week I joked with her saying that thanks to my terrible memory I would forget her birthday. In my defense Nicole, last night’s blog was written at 2 in the morning after hours of painting. Either way, as I write this it’s still Tuesday and you are now over the hill and no longer in your young twenties! Welcome to old age!


6×2 Snatches from the high hang Power Position (bar should be out approximately 1″ away from your body at the start, focus on bringing the bar and your hips together, make contact and pull yourself under to the receiving position)

Isabel-30 Snatches for time (135/95)

Immediately after Isabel complete 20 Barbell Rollouts

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Best Murph Yet!

Big thanks to everyone that came out for our yearly Memorial Day Murph. It was crazy watching everyone attack the workout without ever letting up. Every one gave it their all and had fun, making this our best Murph yet. I can’t wait to see how everyone does next time we hit it!

4 Rounds
1 Min ME Kb Swings (heavy but without compromising form)
1 Min ME Box Jump

Afterwards find your 1RM Power Clean

2 Rounds of Bear Complex @80% of Power Clean

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Remembering Those Who Gave Everything

One time only tomorrow, 9:30, Murph.


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Memorial Day Murph

We will be doing this year’s Murph workout one time and one time only. This year’s workout will be at 9:30 am. This will be the only time the gym will be open for the holiday. I know there are some people that were wanting normal gym hours but honestly I wanted to give our coaches some holiday time off as well. Also with one class time the goal is to have one big group all going hard on the memorial workout together. If you want to do the workout as RX’d with a vest then plan on bringing your own. I think we have about four or five vests and those get taken pretty quickly. The vest weight is 20lbs.

Handstand push-ups
5-5-5-3-3-3-1-1-1 (The goal is to perform these sets as strict as possible. As fatigue sets in then go to your kip. Rest in between sets as needed)

5 Front Squats (185/125)
10 Push-ups
15 Box Jumps

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Not Safe for Work

Here’s a few videos on sleep and overtraining. Warning there are a lot of F-bombs thrown around in these so if you are offended by such words then umm sorry and don’t watch the videos.



Upper and Lower Back


Handstand Holds or Handstand Walk Practice



5:30 Weightlifting

3×8 Sotts Press w/bar or PVC

2×10 Close Grip Overhead Squats

4×2 Heavy but perfect High Hang Snatches

1a) 4×5 Snatch Balance with 2 second pause at bottom (focus on footwork, jumping position to receiving position)

1b) 4×3 Deficit Clean Grip High Pulls (Deficit height will depend on one’s ability to maintain proper positioning) Heavy as Possible



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