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Food Logs!

Monday is here once again, for those of you eating to better fuel your performance, it’s time to turn in your food logs. Hopefully, you all have worked hard towards making the recommended adjustments and now we can start tracking how these adjustments are affecting your overall day to day performance.


1a) 4×30 second L-Hold to 8 strict Toes to Bar to 30 second L-Hold

1b) 4×8 Stiff Legged Deadlifts (Heavy as Possible)

1c) 4×5 Strict HSPU

Complete 40 Clusters (135/95) EMOM stop where you are and complete 5 Burpees

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Homework for Tomorrow

For those of you attending tomorrow’s class, here are some slow motion videos of some of the best catapult lifters out there. Notice the bar to hip contact at the top of the pull and how their  hips not only move up in extension but forward as well to thrust the bar up. Also notice the elbows go back at the very top of the pull, not straight up. This is not a “jump and shrug”, but rather a violent change of direction, using the bar to pull yourself under into the receiving position. If you have the chance, I recommend pausing the videos just before they make bar/body contact and notice that their shoulders are still over the bar at this point. Pause at bar/body contact. And pause during the “finish” of their pull to see how their weight is back but they are on their toes and that their elbows are back, not necessarily up. These are some of the concepts we will be drilling on tomorrow.


Here’s an extreme “catapult” type clean with an “early arm bend”. Here the lifter is almost falling completely back with the bar at the very top of extension. He also bends his arms early after the bar passes the knees, this gives the lifter more power during extension because he is able to get the bar closer to his center of power (hips).

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Weightlifting Seminar

Don’t forget, this Saturday is our one day Weightlifting class. We will start at 9:30 and finish roughly around 3:30. The class is free and everyone is invited no matter what your skill level. I’ll be going over the Snatch and Clean with an emphasis on using a “catapult” style of technique. The intent of the class is to expose all of our members to as many variations of technique possible so that they may find what best works for them specifically.
Because of the seminar we will not be having Open Gym or our usual Bro Session. I hope to see you all there on Saturday!

2×20 Back Squat (Heavy as Possible)

5 Rounds
5 Deadlifts (225/155)
8 Burpees (FAST!)

3 Sets of
100% effort row for 30cal
25 Pull-ups

Competitors Template
For 12 Minutes every 20 seconds complete: 1 Alternating rep of:
Snatch (155/95)
Muscle Up

10 Rounds
12 seconds on/30 seconds off
Ring Dips
C2B Pull-ups

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Connectivity and Weightlifting

Mobility: Lats and Hamstrings
Muscle Up or Pull-up Practice

5:30 Weightlifting
10 minutes to find 1RM Clean and Jerk

5 sets @80% of the following: 2 Slow Clean Pulls + 1 Clean and Jerk

1a) 3×15 Weighted Back Extensions
1b) 3×5+3 Push Press + Split Jerk

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Something Fun

Lately, everyone has been going so hard on all of our workouts. I know for me personally, the classes plus the competitor template has been hard. So we are going to reset, and do a fun full body conditioning piece called Deck of Cards! I like this workout when I need some conditioning work but feel too fatigued to really hit that high intensity with anything other than my bodyweight. Enjoy and have fun with this one

Establish a 1RM Snatch

Deck of Cards

Competitors Template
8 Intervals of Bear Complex
90 seconds of pure work, 60 seconds rest (choose a weight that is safe but challenging)

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5:30 Weightlifting

5×2 of the following: 1 Pause Snatch at the hang position + 1 Pause Snatch at 1″ above the floor

4×1 of the following: 4 Hang Snatches + 3 Snatch Balances. Then reset and hit 1 Snatch from the floor

1a) 3×8 Drop Snatches with bar only, at the power position (no re-dip, focus on hip extension then beating the bar down to the catch position)
1b) 3×8 HIGH Box Jumps (standing vertical, no running start)

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Weightlifting Seminar!

This Saturday will be a one day only Weightlifting Seminar covering the catapult technique and both it’s similarities and differences to the traditional triple extension style. The class will be from approximately 9:30-3:30 with a short lunch break. If time allows we will also be maxing out on some of the lifts. There is no charge for the class and it is open to all of our members. Hope to see you all there!


1a) 4×8 Tough Pull-ups
1b) 4×5 Bench Press

4 Rounds
1 Minute ME Row
1 Minute ME HSPU
1 Minute ME Walking Lunges (134/95)
Rest 1 Minute after each round

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