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Coach’s Eye


If you are more of a visual learner or you’re having some trouble breaking down the specifics of one of the movements we do in class (snatches, jerks, pull-ups, double Unders), the Coach’s Eye App is the way to go. You can analyze all of your movements, slow down videos and draw all over any video. This App has helped break down a lot of technique problems that might have taken a while to figure out if I wasn’t able to slow down the video and pick it apart. Definitely worth checking out.

5×2 Hang Power Snatch

4 Rounds
Run 400
ME Bench Press (155/85)
15 GHD Sit-ups

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Proper Expression of the Movement

Today’s workout is going to have a variety of movements that demand proper technique and body positioning. While performing each movement strive towards completing each rep with an engaged and active body. Each rep of Deadlifts should be perfect, with proper loading of the hamstrings. Each press needs to finish with a tight core and engaged shoulders, traps, and lats. Aim for proper depth and squat technique during the Overhead squats and worry about the weight second. Make contact with your toes to the bar on every rep. Proper expression of each movement will transfer later on in future workouts when you’ve hit fatigue and the need for efficient movement increases.

A) 5×3 Tempo Deadlifts (4 seconds on the way up, hold for 2, then 3 seconds on the way down)
B) 5×3 Strict Press

Overhead Squats (115/75)
Toes to Bar

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Throughout your pull on either the Clean or the Snatch it is crucial that you drive your weight back and down through the heels. This creates a better bar path and allows for the delivery of more power to the bar at the top of the pull or the “finish”. If you can stay back, create tension in the hamstrings and then release all of that through the hips at the very top of your extension then you will have a greater “peak time”. Peak time is that weightless moment where the bar lifts from your hips allowing you to pull yourself underneath and receive the weight in a strong locked out squatting position. The picture below shows just how long an elite level lifter stays back before ever transitioning to his forefoot and toes. The lifter remains back on his heels until he finally reaches full extension.


A) 4×6 Tough Pull-ups
B) 4×6 Tough HSPU

3 Rounds of Cindy (5 pull-ups, 10 push-ups, 15 squats) followed by
9 Thrusters (115/80)

With time remaining establish a 1RM Clean and Jerk

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Some Snatch Motivation

Here’s some slo mo action from one of America’s top up and coming lifters…

2 HBBS @85%

Establish a 1RM Snatch

4, three minute Rounds
14 Burpees
3 Snatches @70%

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5:30 Weightlifting

5 Sets of the following complex:
Pause Front Squat/Pause Rack + 1 Split Jerk
pause for 7 seconds at the bottom of the squat, come up and pause for 12 seconds at the top in the rack position, then complete 1 Split Jerk

A) 4×5 Bent Over Row
B) 4×5 HIGH Box Jumps

6×2 Power Cleans with a 2 second pause just below the knee for each rep

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This past Sunday I decided to do a workout that consisted of 75 handstand push-ups, some strict, some with a deficit and some normal reps. This was way more than I usually do in a workout and it took me forever to get through all of the reps. There came a point where I didn’t even want to kick up into the handstand position. At this point, I remember thinking that I had not challenged myself in a workout like this in a very long time. I had been lifting heavy and doing some hard conditioning pieces but I hadn’t really worked towards high volume skill sets. Struggling through the handstand push-ups made me fell like I was new to CrossFit again. I looked back on my first few months of starting CrossFit and remembered how challenging and humbling each workout was.
I had been choosing workouts that fed my ego. This wasn’t intentional, but it is definitely easier working through a difficult workout when you know that at the end of it all you’re going to feel good about completing it. In order to progress though, there has to be some workouts that you do that just humble you and make you feel like a newbie again. We are huge proponents of scaling down on weights and movements in order to accommodate different skill levels. If you’ve grown stagnant in your progression, maybe the best move for you could be to scale up. Find some movements that challenge you and work towards fixing them. Even if it does hurt the ego a little bit.

A) 5×20 cal row (as fast as possible)
B) 5×10 GHD sit-ups

40 Double Unders
60 Wallballs
20 Ring Dips

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Faster than You Think

For those that are participating in this year’s Boxtoberfest, it is coming around faster than you think! October is almost here and now is the time to really dial in. Some teasers for the workouts have been released. The names of the four workouts are: “Virtuosity”, “Work Capacity”, “Core to Extremity”, and “Unknowable”. Any guesses on what they might be?

A) 5×3 Tempo Deadlifts (4 seconds on the way up, hold for 2 seconds, 3 seconds on the way down)
B) 5×3 Strict Press

Alternating EMOM 12
Even: 30 seconds ME Clean and Jerk (135/95)
Odd: 30 seconds ME Toes to Bar

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