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Hollow to Arch

We often rush through learning the fundamentals of movement as we try to progress with all the various skills found in CrossFit. Take the pull-up for example. Many people develop a decent enough kip to succeed with stringing fast pull-ups together but lack the fundamentals. This becomes more evident when the difficulty is raised. Once the athlete is asked to complete chest to bar pull-ups or muscle ups they begin to fall apart.

The best fix for this is to dial down the fundamentals of the hollow and arch position. Chances are, if you can master these positions and get strong in them then all of your bar work will become so much easier.

A pyramid is only as tall as it’s base.

If you want to succeed at the high skill movements, become a master at the fundamentals.

Tabata Hollow w/PVC (4 Rounds)
Tabata Arch w/PVC (4 Rounds)
Lie on the ground holding the PVC with your normal pull-up grip, snap into a hollow or arch position and hold for the 20 seconds.

4 Rounds
5 Overhead Squats (155/105)
10 Bar Facing Burpees
15 Toes to Bar

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I can’t believe I’m actually posting before ten o’clock! I know some of you morning class goers look forward to me posting the day’s workout earlier but unfortunately I usually find my down time doesn’t come until 10 or 11 at night. I apologize for this and hopefully in the future I can manage some earlier posts.
Ok, we are going to be on some difficult barbell work for this workout. All of you have been killing it lately so I’m sure everyone will handle this with some great intensity!

A) 4×10 Tough Pull-ups
B) 4×6 Back Extensions

4 Sets (185/125)
2 Power Cleans
4 Front Squats
6 Thrusters
8 Lunges

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Just Get There

Sometimes you’re just not “feeling it”. Despite knowing that doing a workout will benefit you, despite all the goals you have set for yourself, some days the motivation simply isn’t there.
There are certainly days where this is a sure fire sign of your body telling you that it’s time for a rest day. But there are also those recognizable times that it is merely a matter of motivation.
When you’re lacking motivation, work towards just getting to the gym. Put on your freshest workout gear, grab that cup of coffee, turn the radio up and start making your way to the gym. Once you’re at the gym everything usually changes. You see your workout partners, you start to get your body moving, and before you know it you’re happy that you ended up coming after all.
Focus on just getting to the gym. Once you’re there make the time count.

4×5 Deadlifts

3 Rounds
25 Kb Swings (70/55)
15 HSPUs

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A Different Kind of Thursday

So apparently, nobody likes to do Connectivity Thursdays, which I’m actually ok with. Since we basically took Thursdays off from our programming people have been hitting their other workout days harder and with more consistency. The goal, always, is to have a gym that makes you better. If taking a break on Thursdays helps do that then that is what we are going to do.

Instead of Connectivity Thursdays, the gym will just be Open Gym from 3:30-7:30. We will still keep our 5:30 Weightlifting class because that class has become nothing short of amazing! But, all the other times will be ran basically like a Saturday. You can come in work on some specific things that you want to do. You can ask your coaches for help with mobility or with a particular movement.

ECC Members Those of you who are enrolled in the ECC program can use Thursdays as a more one on one approach with me when I am there. If there are specific movements that you are unclear about or if you want specific coaching on a lift, you can come in and get clarification then. You will just need to speak with me early on in the week to make sure that I will be there and not at work.

We will continue to experiment with Thursdays to see what would best suit all of our members and help make everyone better athletes in the long run. I’ll keep everyone posted if there are any other changes.

Overhead Squat 15 minutes to build to a Heavy set of 2

5-8 reps of Touch and Go Power Snatches (135/95)

For time
50 Burpees
150 Double Unders

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Registering for The Open

A few people have asked if they register for this year’s Open at the gym. You do not, instead go to to register. From there you will create a profile and choose which division you are competing in.
Be sure to mark CrossFit Las Cruces as your affiliate. This is the only way I can validate every one of your scores at the end of each week.
Remember, there is a new scaled division this year which means everyone can compete! No excuses!

A) 4×5 Push Press
B) 4×5 Legit Back Extensions

Buy In (just once in the beginning) 70 Push-ups

12 Kb Cleans
2 Rope Climbs
15 GHD Sit-ups

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Snow Day Hours

The gym will be closed for all classes EXCEPT for 5:30 Weightlifting today. I hope everyone is enjoying the change in weather that we’re having!

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Yes, More

Monday you guys worked in the 60-90 second timeframe. Tuesday you worked in the 2-3 minute timeframe. Now we are going for short, fast all out efforts on the rower.

Yup, more rowing.

4 Rounds
ME 20 second Row
ME 30 second Kb Swings (70/55)

6×6 HBBS @70%

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