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And. Here. We….Go!

15.1 is here! Be sure to invite friends and family to help cheer you on and give you that extra little push. You’ve talked their ear off about CrossFit, the Open competition is a great opportunity to show them what you are all about.

Toes to Bar and a fast and heavy Clean and Jerk? Good thing we just had a Toes to Bar clinic and have been training nothing but fast and heavy EMOM’s in 5:30 Weightlifting!

Ok, time for some tips followed by a warmup that is specific to the task at hand.

Toes to Bar-The first 9 minute piece is all about trashing your midline and your grip. The focus here needs to be on pacing out the toes to bar to a rate that you can sustain for the entire 9 minutes. If you do the math, 4 Rounds is 60 Toes to Bar, 5 is 75, 6 is 90. That is A LOT of Toes to Bar, especially in 9 minutes. So know this going into the workout. Break the reps up into sets that you can do: 3×5, 6-5-4, 8&7, 7-5-3, 5-4-3-2-1. Whatever keeps your breaks super short and keeps you moving at a steady pace. Break your reps up earlier than you think you should, this will pay off towards the end of the workout.

Deadlifts-This is your break. The weight is light enough to where it shouldn’t place a huge demand on your body. The focus here is finding a rhythm to your breathing and establishing a good “flow” to the workout.

Snatch-These should not be touch and go. They should be done in singles but as soon as the bar hits the ground you are taking a breath and going for the next rep. Touch and Go snatches, done even at a light weight, send your heart rate through the roof. We do not want that as we go back into the most demanding part of the workout: the toes to bar.

Expect to attempt 3-5 lifts during the allotted time period. Your first attempt should be a weight that you can make on any given day and should be more of a warmup and a cue for your body to switch gears (probably around 60-65% of 1RM). After that be bold with your jumps with an ultimate end goal being hitting roughly 90% of your 1RM. If you hit 90% that would be cause to celebrate, anything after that is just pure Awesomeness.
If you use Oly shoes, I would suggest putting them on AFTER 15.1 is over. Have them setup where you can basically slide your feet in and tighten your straps and be good to go. You will need a quick rest after the 9 minute AMRAP so you can use that rest period to put your shoes on (rest 1-1:30 minutes tops). As soon as the AMRAP ends you can load your bar with the opening weight you’re going to use, change shoes, collect yourself, then hit your first attempt.
Your grip will be shot, which means the Power Clean will be tough. Expect to Squat Clean as the weight gets heavier.

Start off with some big Aerobic prep work
3-4 Rounds
1 minute easy AD
1 minute easy Row
1 minute Double Unders

Then move on to prepping your primary movers (in this case it will be the external rotation of the shoulders, your abs, and your glutes). We need to get blood moving to this area before we begin the workout.
Hit 2 sets of 10-15 reps of:
-PVC Passes or W’s with the 2.5’s, or Kb passes like the ones shown in the Toes to Bar seminar warmup
-GHD Sit-ups or light Kb Swings
-Goblet Squats or walking lunges

Then a short practice run of the workout with the focus being on achieving the same pace you would be at for the actual workout.
2-3 Rounds
5 Deadlifts
2 Power Snatches
2 Toes to Bar or if you’re concerned about the Toes to Bar then 5 Sit-ups
(We will start at the Deadlift rather than the Toes to Bar during the warmup, because we want to prime our body into feeling what the transition into the 2nd round would feel like so it doesn’t come as a surprise.)

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15.1 did not disappoint. This one should be a fun one. Alright so Open athletes will have a separate workout than the workout of the day. Those that are just doing the class, you might get the Open workout as your workout of the day. Have fun with it and see where you can improve.
Open athletes, if the workout of the day is the Open workout on Friday please please wait until Saturday for
the actual competition. It is a totally different atmosphere on Saturday. One that raises everyone’s intensity level and it is fun!

Open workout 15.1 and 15.1A

Open athletes
All movements should be done at an easy pace.

Airdyne 6 minutes

2 Rounds
12 Reverse Shrugs
3 Wall Crawls
8 Y.T.W.’s with 2.5lb plates

2 Rounds
1 Inch Worm
10 Squat Jumps
5 Power Clean and Split Jerk (keep it super light 95lbs for the guys 65 for the ladies)
Focus should be on positioning for the Jerk. Attention to the dip/the drive/the receiving position

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It’s Time!

Don’t forget, tomorrow at 4:30 and 6:30 we will have a seminar on perfecting your Toes to Bar. It should be full of tips to help everyone, no matter what your skill level is.

The first Open workout will be announced tomorrow at 6pm on What’s it going to be?

For those of you competing. I will post accessory work as an option to do on Friday instead of the normal workout of the day. You will see the workout of the day for the class, then below that will be a separate section for Open Athletes. You can either stay at home and rest up on Friday or you can opt in to do the accessory work. I’ve always found it helps to move around a little the day before the competition.

On Friday I will write in on some tips and pacing options to consider for the Open workouts. I will also give some ideas for proper warmups that will be specific to whatever workout is announced.

We will begin each Saturday Open workout at 10am with the first heat starting at around 1030. If you are competing, please do not be late! Heats need to be made, warmups need to be done, and setup time for the workout needs to be considered all before the first heat gets underway. This becomes incredibly difficult with athletes strolling in later than 10am.

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Why are You Doing the Open

Don’t forget, this Thursday we will be holding one of our first ever in house seminars. This seminar will focus on Toes to Bar. The movement will be broken down and drilled to help everyone understand the skill and apply it towards workouts in the future. There will be two times available: 4:30 and 6:30pm.

Here’s Chad from 6am explaining why he’s taking part in this year’s Open:

Why I do the open

My journey with crossfit began with my wife, of all people, convincing me to give it a shot. Well, more so her talking about all these cool things that she’s been doing and heavy weight that she’s been lifting. I guess I kinda wanted show that I could do it no problem. Man that was a rude awakening. I looked like a new born baby calf after my first work out and I was quickly humbled by my crossfit experience. From that point on, I was hooked on crossfit but lacked motivation. I was on and off, attending when I could and when I was motivated, but had no set schedule or determination. That all changed after our coaches convinced me to participate in my first open last year. There are two main reasons why the open changed everything for me. First is competition, good old “strap it up and let’s see who is ready to leave it all on the floor competition”. For me, adding that aspect of competition gave me the motivation that I needed. Being able to compete against others and at the end of the day see where I stacked up against those that I trained with on a daily basis gave me that extra push. Not to mention, seeing what I was capable of when I pushed it to my limit and now setting that bench mark that I could train off of for then next X amount of time ’til the next time I get to “compete”. The second, and the biggest, reason why I participate in the open is for that moment, that indescribable feeling, the goose bumps, the pit at the bottom of your stomach, the sweaty palms, the excitement, the anticipation to give it your all. Then you hear the beeps of the timer counting down 3…2…1…GO and your whole crossfit family stands behind you, cheering you on, giving you the motivation to that extra burpee, that one more thruster that extra pull up, knowing that as soon as you are done laying everything on that floor, you are going to stand back there no matter how beat you are and cheer them on just as they did for you. At then end of the day, the open may be an individual competition, but my motivation to do it is because of our group, the family and friends that we call Crossfit Las Cruces.

Chad Hayduk

Deck of Cards

Lat and Back Mobility

A) 4×5 Bench Press
B) 4×8 Bent Over Rows

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Why are You Doing the Open?

Here are two more installments in our Open series. The first is written by Delilah from our 5am class, the second by Joe from our evening classes. I’m excited to watch both of these members take part in our Open, because both of them have come so far from where they started.

I never even picked up a barbell until Crossfit. So for me, the Open is a milestone! I’m participating for two reasons – number one, to recognize how far I’ve progressed – both mentally and physically. Second, it’s a great opportunity to push myself (goodbye plateau).

I’m super nervous about it but if there is anything that Crossfit has taught me, it’s that perseverance in the gym very much transfers to fortitude in life.


From Joe:

In Nov 2013, Kerry talked me into signing up for the 2014 games and he subsequently quit coming to crossfit. I wasn’t ready for the crossfit games since my primary reason for participating in crossfit was not the games. Even though both Andres and Jake tried to get me to work on my Oly lifts (overhead squats) or double-unders, I refused do so. People who know me would say it’s because I’m stubborn, but the real reason was it went against my prime objective for being at crossfit. Wouldn’t you know it, the very first event involved overhead squats. Friday the night before the first event I went to Dicks purchased some Oly shoes and the next morning performed my first ever overhead squat. I was still hurting the following Monday. I believe the next Saturday included double-unders. Needless to say I survived last year’s games, but I did tell myself then that I would be better prepared for this year. It still struggle with OHS and it has been difficult for me to get to where I am with them, but I’m far better than I was last year. So this year I’ll be out there grunting and groaning with my fellow crossfitters and praying that there are no OHSs or DUs this year! OBTW, just in case anyone was wondering my prime objective for being at crossfit was(is)…….. to look good nakedJ Yes, even at my age

A) 3xME Handstand Hold
B) 3×30 second L-Hold
C) 3×15 GHD Sit-ups

Every Two Minutes for 5 Rounds
7 HSPU’s
7 Squat Cleans (155/105)

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Don’t forget the Open begins this week! Please make sure to register as soon as possible at

When you register, be sure to select CrossFit Las Cruces as your affiliate, if not then I cannot verify your workout scores.

Judges are still needed. If you take the judges course, please give me or Andres a heads up that you have done so, that way we know who is an official judge. The course can be found at

Don’t forget this Thursday we will be having a clinic on Toes to Bar at both 4:30 and 6:30. Make sure you attend and learn how to perfect this sometimes difficult movement.

One last thing, Jeremy and Julie have decided to leave CrossFit Las Cruces, making this week their final week in the gym. They will be missed.

If anyone would like to help with coaching and keeping our 9:30 am class awesome please let me know as soon as possible.

Push Press

Thrusters (95/65)

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Why are You Doing the Open?

Last time we heard from 5am Jane. This latest one was written by Kara from our afternoon classes.

Why am I doing the Open? It’s a chance to push my limits after all the hard work and training we’ve put in at the gym. I don’t expect to win the Crossfit Games right now, (bah! especially with Camille moving to our region!), but I think the opportunity to test yourself and see how much you’ve improved is a victory in itself. I remember in eighth grade being part of the chubby-wubby fat kid’s club trying to do a pull-up in front of the class for a PE fitness test. I tried to swing to get some momentum (kipping before I even knew what it was!), but I ended up hitting my head on the wall, falling down, and vowing to never, ever do a pull-up again. Now I can do almost 20 unbroken! And doubleunders?! The first few times I tried to doing them, I remember feeling superbly uncoordinated covered in whip marks and pretty positive that only superior beings, probably with some genetic anomaly, could do them. But I kept trying (well, I might’ve been coerced a little bit…thanks coaches!) and then one day, they clicked. I was so excited! Sure, I could only do one or two and then I’d miss again, but I knew they were possible.

Sometimes, it is easier for me to get discouraged and focus on all the things I can’t do yet. For example, a muscle-up, I mean good gravy how long is that going to take! But when I concentrate instead on how far I’ve come and realize how awesome it is that I even made it to the gym that day, it gives me hope and that gets me through those grueling workouts and most of my frustrations with a more open mind for improvement. The Open is just another way to measure these triumphs. You to get to see how much far you’ve come from the year before and also how you rank on a national level, which is pretty awesome! Also, those workouts definitely push you to your limits and it’s amazing when you see yourself and other members doing things they never thought they’d be able to do!

I think every day you have a choice. You can wake up dreading any challenges you might face, always take the path of least resistance, and be comfortable. Or, you can push yourself a little more, choose to see the brighter side of life, and take a few risks. That is why I am doing the Open, and, hey, I’d like to think one day I could make it to the games. The only way I’ll ever know though, is if I try.

3 Power Cleans @70% of 1RM

20 Push Press (115/80)
20 Box Jumps
20 Toes to Bar

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