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Don’t forget to work on your sets and reps of Muscle Up progressions. Those of you that attended last Thursdays seminar should be putting in that extra work on the foundational movements.
This Thursday we will continue our Muscle Up series with more progressions and new teaching points. See you all there!

Tomorrow’s blog will have a wrap up on the Open and will also have the winners from 15.5.

Establish a 1RM Deadlift (safe, sound mechanics! Don’t sacrifice your back for a higher number)
Establish a 1RM Push Press
Establish a 1RM Split Jerk

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What’s Next

Now that the Open has come to a close, we will be shifting our focus towards increasing our absolute strength. Everyone can benefit from getting stronger and I am excited to get each and every one of you there. This Open has shown that our gym as a whole has some very fit members who have developed a strong foundation in all of the primary movements.

This week we will begin our Bigger, Faster, Stronger strength cycle. The first step is to establish a baseline on our strength numbers. Throughout this week we will be testing our 1RM’s as well as some Max Efforts, from there we will have a baseline to set all of our percentages off of.

ECC. Exculsive Coaching Clients will start back up next week. I want all ECC members to focus on recovering from the Open and finding a good 1RM for the upcoming strength cycle and nothing more.

It’s time to take the momentum from the Open and run with it!

2 Rounds
1 min ME Double Unders
1 min ME Sit-ups

Establish a 1RM Power Clean
Establish a 1RM Bench Press

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One More

It’s here the last Open workout for 2015. We have seen some incredible performances throughout these past five weeks, a lot of firsts, and a lot of members that broke through their comfort zones showing a glimpse into some untapped potential.

This last workout is going to test your willpower as much as it will your mechanics and fitness. A fast paced, thruster/row combination that will have you questioning whether or not you want to go to that dark place. Luckily, for us, we did a combination very similar to this on Monday. For two weeks in a row now we have hit some workouts on Monday that have set the stage for the upcoming Saturday (HSPU’s and Heavy Cleans, Row/Burpee Box Jump/Thruster). Most of you know what it feels like to row for 20-30 calories, and all of you know what the 95/65lb Thruster feels like. If you gameplan this one correctly it will still be horrible but you will be able to stay consistent throughout the entire workout and finish with a final push right at the end.

The goal for the Thrusters is to keep long sets of reps for the entire workout. If you are a top level athlete, the goal will be to find it within yourself to go unbroken for all of the reps. This will be very difficult for the majority of us, so if you are going to put the bar down and “rest” make sure that it is a planned rest. Have your rests in your mind already, for example…”On the 27’s I’m going to go 10-9-8 with a 2 breath rest in between each set”. The pacing for this workout should be to hit 90-95% effort on the 27, 21, and 15, then try to hold on and survive the 9’s. If you rest and put the bar down on the Thrusters, the reps stop entirely while the time keeps going. During the Row you can slow down to a pace that allows you to recover while still recording calories, even if the calories are coming slowly. This is why the pace on the Thrusters must be fast. Even though the pace is fast, the actual reps on the Thrusters don’t necessarily need to be. These do not need to be your Fran style “all out” Thrusters, but rather controlled precise Thrusters. Smooth is fast on these ones. For this workout, I am recommending Weightlifting shoes and knee sleeves if you’ve got them. We want that Thruster to be as clean and efficient as possible and these two items will help you.

Like I mentioned in the above paragraph, there is an opportunity to recover on the row if you need it. So whatever you do just keep moving on the rower. Transition quickly from the bar back to the rower jump on and just start pulling, even if you don’t think you can. Trust me, it will be there. The rower pace should be done as if you were doing 2000m for time. With a 2000m row you obviously can’t hold your 500m pace, but you should be able to maintain power with each stroke hitting a rate of around 26-32 strokes per minute. Remember that it’s for calories, not distance. This means the power generated with each pull is what matters most, not how fast you pull. You can actually slow down your usual rowing strokes as long as you are creating powerful pulls each time. Since you don’t have to worry about rowing super fast you can actually leave the straps for your feet somewhat loose. Keep them tight enough so that your feet make contact with them on your return stroke, but loose enough so that you can just move you foot up and out when you are done rowing. This will save you seconds on your overall time and make for a smoother transition from the barbell to the rower. For those of you that are good at rowing you can also increase your erg setting slightly higher than what you would normally use. This does not mean cranking it up to 10, but going up 1/2 to 1 more could benefit you.

5-10 of the usual aerobic work (running, slow airdyne, anything to warm your body up and get blood moving)
5 minutes of dynamic Range of Motion work (leg swings, jumping squats, spiderman high knee with a twist, overhead squats with a PVC)

After all your prep work, you will need to go “hot”. This may seem weird for some of you, but we need to get your body primed for the suck that it is about to encounter. The goal here is to fire the same movement patterns found in the workout while getting the heart rate to the level it will be at during the actual workout.

1 Deadlift
1 Power Clean (135/85)
1 Front Squat
1 Push Press

3 Rounds
Airdyne 10 Calories
3 Heavier than Rx’d Thrusters (I want to overload the system, that way the set of 27’s at 95/65 doesn’t seem that bad)

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Castro announced a simple but tough workout to finish this years Open. Do not underestimate this one. It will hurt, you will have to dig deep, this will test your comfort threshold. This will also make for an exciting finish for those watching the workout on Saturday! Good luck to everyone, I can’t wait to see you all on Saturday!

3 HBBS @70%

4 Rounds
5 Power Cleans (185/125)
5 Bench Press (185/125)

Open Prep
Mobilize! This is the last week. I’m sure many of you are feeling a bit fatigued and are ready for the Open to finish. Because of this and because of the aerobic demand 15.5 will have, there will not be any additional prep.
Take it easy tomorrow, make sure legs, hip, and shoulders are mobilized and feeling good. Come in and stretch, foam roll, and do some band work. Take it easy, enjoy your day and prepare mentally for a strong finish in the Open.

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Muscle-Ups Part 1

This Thursday kicks off the first part of our Muscle-Up seminar taught by John Avila. If you are working on getting your first Muscle-Up, or if you need to clean up some technique work, this seminar can help. There will be two classes, one at 4:30 and the other at 6:30pm. Don’t forget, the final Open workout announcement will also take place tomorrow, and like usual we will be streaming it live here at CFLC. See you all there!

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This Thursday will be the first of a few seminars for muscle-up progressions. NOW is the time to work on getting a muscle-up for next year’s Open. Each seminar will cover the muscle-up from the beginning foundations to the finished movement. Normal times (4:30 and 6:30) with Weightlifting at 5:30 and the last Open announcement at 6.

15.4 Announcements
Top Male: Matt Lujan.
There was a tie in reps between Matt Gaskins and Matt Lujan but I think Matt L. barely edged out Matt G. in the tiebreak time. Unfortunately, the gym’s leaderboard doesn’t reflect this because Matt L. did not enter a correct tie break. Either way, Congrats to Matt Lujan. He came in Saturday and had a great performance, but was not personally satisfied and believed he could do better. Monday came around and he had a much more thought out approach to the workout which gave him the winning reps! Way to fight for that better score Matt!

Top Female: Marrah Sanders.
Marrah flat out crushed this workout! She was a savage! The cleans looked easy, she moved that weight like it was a warmup and the new standards on the handstand push-ups didn’t seem to slow her down one bit. Great Job Marrah!

Spirit of the Open: Rich Libicer.
Rich found himself facing a workout where he was going to have to Clean for multiple reps a weight that was his 1 Rep Max. Oh, and do some very challenging Handstand Push-ups. So what did Rich do in that moment when the clock beeped and the judge yelled “Go!”? He gripped that bar and pulled like he was ripping the head off a damn Lion! He not only got through the push-ups and got past his 1RM, he got 25 reps!

3 Rounds
Run 400m
21 Kb Swings (55/35)
12 Pull-ups

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15.4 Prizes

I forgot to announce on Saturday, top male and female as well as spirit of the Open for 15.4 will receive a $50 gift certificate to Reebok. I will be announcing the winners on tomorrow’s blog. One last week!

A) 4×12 Kb Walking Lunges
B) 4×12 GHD Sit-ups

3 Rounds
12 Deadlifts (275/185)
20 Toes to Bar

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