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Back to Schedule

Now that the Desert Games have ended we can return to our normal class schedule. Tuesdays and Thursdays will once again feature our 5:30 Weightlifting classes with Yoga to follow on Thursdays at 6:45. 

Open Gym Saturdays will also be followed with our Bro Sessions (which have become one of my favorites) at 11:30 every Saturday. 

3×2 Snatch Grip Push Press + 1 Snatch Balance

4 x 4 minute Rounds with 2 minute rest between rounds
Run 400m
AMRAP Snatch @75% of 1RM

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Performance Team

Performance Team programming will be back starting this Friday. I hope everyone is ready!

3 Sets
10 Deadlifts
6 GH Raises

3 Rounds
Row 500m
20 GHD Sit-ups
15 Ring Dips

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What a Weekend

I couldn’t be more proud to be a part of CrossFit Las Cruces. Seeing everyone compete the way they did, seeing all those that came to show their support, and having fun from start to finish made this a weekend to remember. I said it Saturday night and I’ll say it again, this is the best CrossFit Las Cruces has ever been and we are only getting better and better each day!

Pull-Up or Muscle Up practice

20 min. Time Cap
Front Squats (195/125) taken from the ground

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I Want the Best You

Alright guys, game day is here! Remember, don’t worry about what the other teams are doing. All that I ask is that you perform the very best that you are capable of at that moment. Leave it all on the competition floor and you will walk away happy no matter what the outcome is. You all have worked so hard and have become such a tight group, it’s been a great experience to see how far everyone has come!

9/26/15 GameDay Warmup

Workout 1
Run or Row until you feel warm and loose (approx. 2-3 minutes)
Hit the usual dynamic stretches that we do in class:
Lunge Stretch (think spiderman high knee but stationary)
Inch worm (3-4 walk outs)
Hit bottom depth of squat and ensure ankle and knees are mobile and ready for full range of motion

2×8 Thruster with bar only

2 Rounds
5 Clusters (Squat clean straight to thruster) at workout weight or 5-10lbs heavier
6 Burpees

Workout 2
I’m confident all of you are comfortable with how to warmup for your specific lifts. You all have done these lifts in practice plenty of times and should know exactly what works specifically for you.

Workout 3 Scaled
Again Run or Row until warm
2×12 Good Morning to Back Squat to Press with bar only

4 Deadlifts @workout weight for 3 sets with roughly an EMOM style pace
5 Kb swings @workout weight for 3 sets with roughly an EMOM style pace
Finish with a few box jumps just to find a good pace

Workout 3 Rxd
Again Run or Row until warm
12 Good Morning to Back Squat to Press with bar only

4 Power Clean and Jerks from the ground @workout weight for 3 sets with roughly an EMOM style pace

2×20 Double Unders

4 Deadlifts @workout weight for 3 sets with roughly an EMOM style pace

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Desert Games Info


Some members have been asking about the big event that our crew is competing in this weekend. The Desert Games is a free event for all spectators and it is going to have a TON of things to do that are all related to fitness. It would be great to have as much support from all of our gym members as possible. If you’re looking for something to do this weekend you should definitely make the trip out to downtown El Paso and check out the biggest fitness expo in our area!

Here are some of the details… (You can also find more info at the Desert Games Facebook)

Corner of Franklin and Oregon El Paso, TX 79901 (see map above)

The entire event is FREE to spectators.

About the Big Event
This event will be part of the Live Fit EP Fitness Festival and GRO El Paso Event. It will take place in downtown El Paso surrounding Cleveland Square Park. The Fitness Festival Events and GRO Events include:
The Desert Games
Mr & Miss Fitness El Paso – A bikini and physique competition
The Desert Jiu Jitsu Championships
Restaurant Features & Food Trucks
Green Living Workshops
Exhibit booths
Arts & Crafts Vendors
Musical Performances
Free Health Screenings
Jumping Balloons & More

Parking at the Event
Parking will be street or garage parking. There is a garage immediately adjacent to the competition area, It is $10 for the day. Street parking is also available.

Gym Tent Area
There will be an area near the competition floor to setup your tent. (see map)
You may bring coolers and food however no glass or alcohol allowed
You may bring any flag/banner but may only hang on or behind your tent. Please leave the other fencing for paid banner sponsors
Please do not hand out any flyers. Marketing is limited to our paid sponsors. If interested we’d be happy to tell you about our sponsorship packages.

8:00 Sc – Heat 1 – WOD 1
8:22 Sc – Heat 2 – WOD 1
8:46 Rx – Heat 1 – WOD 1
9:08 Rx – Heat 2 – WOD 1
9:30 Rx – Heat 3 – WOD 1
9:52 Rx – Heat 4 – WOD 1
10:16 FB – Heat 1 – WOD 1
10:48 Sc – Heat 1 – WOD 2&3
11:10 Sc – Heat 2 – WOD 2&3
12:10 Rx – Heat 1 – WOD 2
12:32 Rx – Heat 2 – WOD 2
12:54 Rx – Heat 3 – WOD 2
1:16 Rx – Heat 4 – WOD 2
1:40 FB – Heat 1 – WOD 2
2:14 Rx – Heat 1 – WOD 3
2:36 Rx – Heat 2 – WOD 3
2: 58 Rx – Heat 3 – WOD 3
3:20 Rx – Heat 4 – WOD 3
3:46 FB – Heat 1 – WOD 3
*Top 5 teams in ea Division make Final
4:20 Sc – Final
4:44 Rx – Final
5:08 FB – Final
5:45 Awards Ceremony
We WILL start on time and make every effort to stay on time. ALL teams must check-in 20min before Heat Starts. Please check our instagram and Facebook page for any updates if need be.

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Get Your Socks!

3 Power Cleans (Heavy but Perfect)

3 sets not for time
10 Squat Cleans (135/95)
10 Bench Press (185/115)
4 Rope Climbs

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Reset and recover with our Yoga Thursdays at 6:45pm. Our Yoga class is free to all of our members and is a great opportunity to balance out your training. 

Our final Team meeting will be at 5:30pm. We will iron out any details about each workout and will cover any questions regarding the upcoming competition day. Please do what you can to make it in so that we are all on the same level come Saturday. 

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