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Redos and Deadlines

Some athletes feel the need to redo an Open workout. This is not necessary and it may not be advantageous to stress out so much about the Open season. Buuut, if for some reason there is just something bugging you about the workout where you have to redo it, then there are some things to keep in mind. 
-You need to make sure you have judging figured out. The person coaching during class is first and foremost there to run the class. If it’s a busy class, or a class with newer people then it’s a bit one sided if you expect that coach to walk away from the class to judge your redo.
-Your redo is your responsibility. It’s up to you to make sure you come in during class times, warm-up and set-up, and submit your scores before the time deadline.
The Deadline to submit scores is 6pm our time. There are a TON of people in the CrossFit world that wait until the deadline to submit their scores. This can at times slow the website down to the point where it is not possible to submit your score on time. Please Please make sure you have given yourself plenty of time to submit the score that you worked so hard for.

The Calm Before the Storm

2 HEAVY Power Cleans + 1 Jerk

3 Rounds
Row 30 Cal
10 Squat Cleans (135/95)
12 HSPUs
*Each round, As Fast As Possible, Rest as Needed between each round

Performance Team
Muscle Up Practice

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Tips and Warmup for Today

So if you haven’t realized already 16.1 is all engine. The burpees and lunges make your breathing difficult after minute 5, after that it’s all about settling in and finding a pace that works for where you are as a an athlete. The pull-ups will be challenging for those that don’t necessarily have a ton of chest to bar pull-ups, but really the kicker here is breathing and pace. Start out too hot and this could be a very long 20 minutes. This workout is perfect for those that excel at longer distance; rowers and 5K runners. If this is you, and you have your pull-ups down, then my advice is expect to go to that “dark place” after minute 8 and stay there for a long time.

If you are one that struggles with going perhaps a little too fast in the beginning of a workout only to crash during the back end, my advice is stay calm and smooth for as long as possible. This includes your warmup, and pre-workout. Everything you do should be at a mellow pace, try to calm any nerves you may have and limit the amount of caffeine in your system. During your first couple rounds the goal will be to find a training pace where your heart rate is raised but your breathing is still controllable. No matter what, the workout is going to get challenging after 10 minutes, so your goal will be to not blow it out in the beginning and save some for the second half of the workout.

For Scaled: Scaled divisions are going to find that this is even more cardio than the Rx’d version. Legs and lungs are going to be burning! Finding and steadying your breath is going to be crucial here. This needs to be done during the jumping pull-ups and during the transitions from lunges to pull-ups. Consider this your time to catch up and steady yourself before jumping right back in and committing to another round.

Mobility is going to be huge in this workout. This many lunges accompanied with the push/pull of the burpees/pull-ups is going to be a challenge for those that struggle with the lunge, especially the overhead lunge. Because of this, extra time needs to spent in the warm-up ensuring that your shoulders, torso, and upper back are as “open” as possible.

Here are some great tips on the Pull-ups and Burpees that were presented by Opex fitness, one of the sources I go to during the Open.

Pull ups
• If your max set is 5 or fewer – singles the whole way
• If your max set is 5-9 – doubles
• If your max set is 10-15 – 3/3/2
• If your max set is 15-19 – 4/4
• If your max set is 20-30 – either unbroken or descending sets (6/2, 5/3)
• If your max set is 30+ – look for unbroken
• If you got 18+ in Open workout 15.2 you can take the pull ups hot
• Know your sets up front, don’t start a set and guess if you will need to come
down, it’s a time waster
• Burpees
• Breathing gets challenging.
• Look at “worming” the burpee to save eccentric load on the shoulders
• The legs can be a bit wider to lower range of motion
• If overhead mobility is hard/challenging consider moving through the lunges faster
because of challenge of extension/shoulders

Start out with Leg Swings, Inch Worms, and Bear Crawls
Begin to open the shoulders up with
20 PVC Passes
20 Around the Worlds
12 Overhead Squats with PVC

20 Steps of Lunge with an Overhead Reach and Stretch
20 Steps of “Chicken Walk”

2 Rounds
AirDyne or Run for 2-3 minutes at a steady pace
5 Overhead Walking Lunge (75/55)
4 Bar Facing Burpees

*The overall goal is to get a light sweat going and to ensure that the shoulders and hips are as open as possible prior to starting your heat.

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It’s Going Down!

The first Open workout for 2016 officially kicks off tomorrow for us! For those of you competing, I need everyone at the gym at 10am. Once there you will fill out a judges score sheet and declare whether you are doing Rx’d, Scaled, or Masters. As soon as all of the athletes have filled out a score sheet, heat’s will be drawn up and start times will be announced. This is a longer workout with some setup involved, so the sooner we have everyone’s score sheet filled out then the sooner we can get things started, so please do not be late.
I will also post tomorrow morning some thoughts on the workout and outline a general warmup that you can follow so that you are ready to go once your Heat is called up. Good luck to everyone tomorrow! Remember, this is about having fun and supporting your fellow CrossFit Las Cruces guys. Show up, stay positive, and give your very best!

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16.1 is Here!

20 minutes…20 minutes, the longest Open workout in history, and one with a never before seen movement. When I look at this workout a few things come to mind: Engine, Mobility, and Shoulders. Can you maintain a consistent pace for the entire twenty minutes? Are you able to move through the lunges with open shoulders, an upright torso and good ankle mobility? Can your shoulders endure stabilization through the lunges, fire through the burpees and still support you during the chest to bar pull-ups? Afterwards your booty is going to be feeling it, but DURING your shoulders are going to be what keeps you going.

For those of you not doing the Open, Friday’s will be very very similar to the Open workouts. For those of you that are doing the Open, Fridays can be handled in one of two ways: 1) Come to the gym and work on mobility and movement prep designed specifically for the Open workout, which you will see programmed after the class work here on the blog. 2) Use Friday as a complete rest day.

This looks to be a challenging but fun start to the Open! I hope to see everyone on Saturday at 10am ready to go! The next post will feature tips on how to approach 16.1, as well as how to warm-up come game day.

5×1 Three Positon Snatch
High Hang

Overhead Walking Lunges (45/25) 1 length
8 Burpees
Overhead Walking Lunges
8 Pull-ups

Open Athletes
After the Class Warmup
5-10 Minutes Banded Lat/Shoulder Stretch
5 Minutes Banded Ankle Stretch
5-10 Minutes Box Stretch and Couch Stretch

2 Rounds
10 Narrow Grip Overhead Squats (bar only)
5 each side Turkish Get-up with light Kb
2 Wall Crawl with 3 second hold at the top

finish with a 400m JOG

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Schedule Change for Tomorrow

The CrossFit Open begins tomorrow! The first of five workouts will be announced tomorrow evening live at 6pm on Because of these live announcements we will be moving our Weightlifting class times and they will be from 5-6pm now until the Open is finished. Starting next Thursday we will be hosting the live announcements there at the gym with Yoga to follow immediately after.

BUT for tomorrow, we will be closing our doors after Weightlifting and heading over to the graduation party of one of our longtime members and part time coach, Melissa. Melissa will be graduating from the sheriff’s academy tomorrow, so we are going to close up shop early in order to congratulate her on this achievement.

All classes will be open on Friday and we will begin our Open competition Saturday morning at 10am. Again, I encourage everyone at our gym to sign up for the Open and participate either as a judge, athlete, or both.

If you plan on taking the judges course online or have done so already please let me know so that I can put you in the right spot come Saturday. The more judges we have the better, so please participate if you can!

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The Last One

This will be the last Coach’s Choice before the 2016 CrossFit Open begins. Make it hurt!

What do you think the first Open workout is going to be?


Coach’s Choice

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The Open is Here!


The first workout for the 2016 Open will be announced this Thursday. We will be holding our in house competition featuring the first workout this Saturday starting at 10am. I would like to see every one of our gym members participating in this year’s Open. Either doing the work out or helping to judge, or both! This really is the biggest event all year for all CrossFit affiliates and is something every CrossFit member should do at least once. You can still register all the way through Monday, so you could even do the first workout and then decide if you’d like to follow through with registration. 

Go to for full details. 

4×3 Push Press + 2 Split Jerk

50 Overhead Walking Lunges (45/25)
40 Toes to Bar
30 HSPUs

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