The Barkley

You can find The Barkley Marathon documentary on Netflix. I saw a post featuring this movie a while back on CrossFit’s Instagram feed and decided to check it out. I really enjoyed it and thought that some of the ideas covered in the movie were very interesting. 

One subject that kept being brought up is the question of why would anyone choose to put themselves through such a challenge and why, at this day and age, are there those individuals that crave the escape from their common lives towards such an arduous task?

We often hear some of this at the gym. There are times when people leave our gym, covered in sweat, hands torn, saying “I can’t believe I pay you for this”. For me, I think we are made to perform and overcome adversity. We were not made to always be comfortable and we do not grow or learn about ourselves unless we are challenged. Some enjoy more difficult challenges than others, but I am convinced that mental, physical and emotional health are all improved upon through adversity. 

Keep finding new challenges and keep getting stronger!

Handstand Walk Practice

2 Sets of:
20 Kb Pass Throughs
20 GHD Sit-Ups
50 Walking Lunges
20 Hip Extensions

30 Wallballs
15 Pull-Ups (C2B if you’ve got em)

Performance Team
3×10 Alternating
Deadlifts (Unbroken, heavy but technically sound)
Bench Press

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