Some of the most influential members of our gym since way way back are moving on to new cities and new challenges. Kristen and Jack are leaving and as many of you know John (aka The Brown Eagle) is moving as well. 

Some of the crew wanted to do one last Bro Sesh with them and this weekend seemed to be the best time for everyone involved. 

Soooo this Saturday at 1130am we will be throwing down with these guys before they leave! Kristen was given the keys to programming a workout for that day and I’m sure she’s got some great stuff planned. 

I know it’s short notice but it would be great to have as many members as possible joining us in giving these three a proper send off. It is going to be very hard saying goodbye but let’s make this Saturday a good one!

Snatch Complex
Build to as Heavy as Possible
2 Pause Snatch (pause for 2 seconds at the knee then continue on with a full Snatch)
1 Full Snatch

SDLHP (75/55)
Straight Into:
Burpee Box Jumps
Toes to Bar

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One response to “Goodbyes

  1. Amy Molina

    Special thanks to coach Mara (sp?) today for getting me through the rest of that workout, when what I really wanted to do was lie on the floor and die. Also, for giving me some great tips on the Snatch, which is currently my nemesis. 🙂

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