Torso in the Jerk

A common fault while moving through the dip portion of either the push press or jerk is having an unstable position in the torso. 

The most common fault is having the torso shift forward with the elbows falling downwards. A forward shift during the dip causes a loss in position with the bar making the athlete catch behind the bar and ultimately losing the lift out in front of them. 

The opposite is just as bad. Shifting the torso back causes a loss in power because you are now excluding the primary mover (the hips) and only loading your quads during the dip and drive portion of the lift. 

Focus on control and position during the dip phase of the lift first, then apply speed only afterwards in the drive portion of the lift 

ME Overhead Static Hold with KBs for a maximum of 2 minutes (55/35)

5 Sets
1 Push Jerk
2 Split Jerks

Toes to Bar

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