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Dont forget to fill out a waiver for the Desert Games. They are in the office at the gym. We need those ASAP and will be dropping them off at the standards meeting on Friday. 

Remember, this week is a taper week. It can be hard to ease off the gas, because most of the time we are telling you to push your limits. This week ease up, and focus on good movement and efficiency. 

Snatch Practice *Does not have to be heavy
6 Sets
1 Snatch Pull
2 Hang Snatch
1 Full Snatch

4 Rounds
10 Toes to Bar
10 Burpees
10 Wallballs

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Sign Here

If you’re competing this weekend you need to fill out a waiver. I printed a bunch off and will have them in the office for you to sign. If you don’t plan on going to the standards meeting on Friday, I will drop off your waiver for you. Do not forget about the waiver and leave your teammates hanging!

Taper Week

3 Rounds
Run 200m
15 Bench Press (185/95)

2 Rounds
Row 300m
30 Double Unders

Desert Games Prep
Rx and Firebreather: Handstand Walk Practice

All Divisions
4×2 Split Jerk @80% or slightly less

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Taper Week

Every one has been training so hard and hitting some challenging workouts. Now it’s time to ease it up a bit for a taper week. Without rest, your body never has time to adapt and grow. During rest is when the most adaptation happens, so every now and then we have to let the body catch up to the intensity of the workouts. 

Now you will still be doing work every day but the volume and intensity will be significantly less. This doesn’t mean to completely blow off the week, there will still be some benefit to the work we will be doing. 

4 Sets
8 One Legged Box Step ups with box at your side
8 Close Grip Ovrhead Squats (stay at a light weight!)
8 Double Kb Russian Swings

Tabata Something Else
6 Tabata Rounds of each

Desert Games Prep
2 Rounds
20 Cal AirBike
15 Axel Bar Deadlifts w/Comp. weight

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Last Saturday Practice 

Our last Saturday practice will be at our usual time: 1130. Today there will be a couple heats and the space is intentionally set up to put you closer than you’d prefer to the other teams. The goal here is to focus on staying in your marked sections and getting a proper warmup before your Heat goes. One more time!

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Drop it like a Squat

Time for some more squats! For the Back Squats make the goal for this training session to be: hitting absolute depth for what your body is capable of. Even if this means going lighter than you normally would. 

2 Back Squats

Overhead Squat


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Happy Birthday Joseph!

Happy Birthday to Mr. Joseph Lee! I’m sure you still have at least another 100 birthdays to celebrate in your indestructible lifetime and I hope you enjoy this one!


More Desert Games Prep will be taking place today during Open Gym times and at 530. Remember, even if you aren’t competing you can still come in and get your workout on. See you all there!

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Forgot the Extra Work

Sorry guys, I forgot to include the extra work for those competing in the Desert Games. It’s not a ton of stuff, just some accessory work for the Clean event. 

6×2 Deficit Clean Pull (perform a clean pull as heavy as possible while standing on 25lb plate or slightly higher)

3×15 YTWs

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