The second workout for this year’s Desert Games has been released and it is a Clean and Jerk ladder (scaled is Clean only). The weights for this are heavy!

No matter how you feel about this one, I am going to ask that you do one thing…Believe. Don’t hope, or wish for a good day of lifting, but truly believe that you are capable of having a good showing for this year’s ladder. Think about it, there is a HUGE difference between hoping that you do well and believing without a doubt that you WILL do well. To believe beyond a shadow of a doubt is to go forward with conviction. For this event, everyone needs to know that they are going to perform at their absolute best.

We will do everything we can to get you ready, but I need the same commitment from each one of you. I need you to be committed to your diet (good, clean food and LOTS of it), committed to the training program and the volume that comes with it. And above all, I need you to commit to going further than you ever have. To load up that barbell with weight that pushes your boundaries and to push your own limits of what is possible. Remember, believe with conviction that it is possible and it will be. The intensity needs to be high! Everyday I want all of you to be giving it your all. You can do that for a few hours of your day for a month. Make the commitment to keep the energy high, for not only you but your training partners. Get crazy! And keep it there!

We will perform the Clean and Jerk ladder for Weightlifting at 530pm tomorrow. After that, there will be a program of extra work tailored specifically for the upcoming event for every training day. The accessory work will include: RDLs, Front Squats to Jerks, Pulls and Deficit Pulls, and of course the full Clean and Jerk. Remember if you truly want to improve, make the commitment and put the work in!

Here is more info on the competition:

In case you missed it here’s the newest video, Josh, Teka and Zane doing Friday’s workout:

Handstand Walk Practice

Strict Press

Deadlifts (275/185)
Box Jumps

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