Taper Week

Every one has been training so hard and hitting some challenging workouts. Now it’s time to ease it up a bit for a taper week. Without rest, your body never has time to adapt and grow. During rest is when the most adaptation happens, so every now and then we have to let the body catch up to the intensity of the workouts. 

Now you will still be doing work every day but the volume and intensity will be significantly less. This doesn’t mean to completely blow off the week, there will still be some benefit to the work we will be doing. 

4 Sets
8 One Legged Box Step ups with box at your side
8 Close Grip Ovrhead Squats (stay at a light weight!)
8 Double Kb Russian Swings

Tabata Something Else
6 Tabata Rounds of each

Desert Games Prep
2 Rounds
20 Cal AirBike
15 Axel Bar Deadlifts w/Comp. weight

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