I’m Stealing from Planet Fitness 

Many of you are wondering what the plan is for this Thursday and for this coming weekend. Well first off it involves Pizza and a movie night at the gym…

Our final team meeting will take place at the usual time: 530pm this Thursday. We will cover some mobility drills to help prep you for the comp and afterwards we will cover what to expect on Saturday. Warm up practices, food suggestions, car pool suggestions, as well as answer any other questions you might have and ensure that everyone has signed a waiver.

 While all of this is going on I will have pizza delivered for a carb loading dinner. 

Carb loading does help and should help a lot specifically for a CrossFit competition. Considering the different time domains, loading, and energy systems used for an entire day of workouts; it is essential that your body is able to draw on full glycogen and fat stores for energy. Unfortunately, most people do carb loading too late. Many people carb load the night before an event, but studies show that uptake of glycogen could take as long as 24 hours depending on the individual. Which means if you cycle carbs on Friday night, more than likely your body will draw from and put to use those carbs on Sunday, not Saturday.

So here’s the plan: Tomorrow during the day, eat as clean as possible and only have green leafy veggies for your carbs. Then starting late afternoon to the evening, eat as many carbs as you want. You can even continue this into early Friday morning. After your carb cycle/loading phase is done, return to eating clean food and using fruits and veggies for your carbs.  Now this doesn’t have to be pizza. If you prefer to stay away from any “bad” food, you can still cycle carbs in using the same time table while using clean food. You’ll just have to eat A LOT of it, which can be difficult for some. With that said, feel free to bring any food you want with you to the gym. If you’d prefer donuts then bring donuts! 

Some of the peeps also suggested doing a movie night after the team meeting there at the gym. We can pull the TV from the kids room, kick back with some pizza and enjoy a movie with the CFLC crew. Bring something comfy to lounge in, maybe a sleeping bag or bean bag or camping chairs and relax a little before the comp! This will also be a great opportunity to stretch some more and foam roll while having enough space to do so and watch a movie. 

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