A Starter Book

Larely we have been focusing on building up that backside with RDLs, Lunges and Deadlifts and this has left people feeling some tension in the low back. The majority of the time this can be remedied through a focused, aggressive and consistent stretching plan. This should be your first option before calling it quits and not moving for weeks at a time or even calling a chiropractor for an adjustment. Being proactive and educated in taking care of your own mobility can help save you a lot of time and money. 

There are tons of options out there for stretching. Yoga is great. There are also some options that many CrossFit people gravitate towards such as mobwod and being a supple leopard to romwod. There’s one book that I have found most helpful. I personally do not have a lot of time or patience to spend using bands and balls and all sorts of different contraptions on a day to day basis. And unfortunately I do not have the time to get in a consistent yoga session. I found a starter book years ago and still to this day it is what I use if I’m experiencing any knee pain or lower back tension. It’s simple stretching that you can do literally anywhere and each routine only takes about 10 minutes. Nothing fancy just the basics. If you’re one of those that only knows a few stretches and has no idea how to even target certain areas this should be a book that’s in your personal library. 

You can find it on Amazon for like 12 bucks. It’s very old school and does have some rather cheesy stretches but if you can overlook that I really believe you would find it beneficial. 


7 Rounds
7 Strict Pull-Ups
7 Ring Push-Ups
7 KB Push Press

400m Walking Lunges

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