Every Second Counts Now on Netflix

The first full length movie CrossFit produced way way way back in the day is now out on Netflix. This covers the 2008 CrossFit games and follows some of the top competitors at the time as they train and compete. It’s crazy seeing how far the sport and business side of CrossFit has grown along with the level of competition. Even the workouts back then are treated as being a very difficult weekend, yet nowadays you see some higher volume in local events. 

This video was also the first appearance of some guy named Jason Khalipa. Back then there were rumors of this dark horse named Jason but no one had ever seen him workout. It also features some of the O.G.s of the Game: OPT, Speal, Josh Everett. OPT was the guy in all the internet videos posting incredible times. He is one of the key factors for CrossFit going viral and is still regarded as one of the best coaches out there. 

It’s interesting to watch some of the characters back then and to see how someone like a Rich Froning or Dan Bailey really gave the sport “personality” and a legitimate following. Soooo if you have some time check it out and see the beginnings of this thing called CrossFit. 

4 Sets
10 Strict Press
40 Second L-Hold (use parallettes if needed)
10-15 Ring Dips

Rowing Annie
Row for Calories
Double Unders

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