Time for a Rant

I have been out of town for part vacation, part doctor’s visit for my daughter. Sometimes stepping away from your everyday environment gives you perspective that you may have not noticed before. The trip included flights to and from Denver, a gym workout with my sister, and a visit to one of the biggest children’s hospitals in the U.S.

My sister’s gym is a globo gym/climbing gym, but done really really well. Amazing equipment, great staff, and tons of workout classes and programs to choose from. Seeing the gym, and all the incredibly fit people there taking time out of their day to focus on improving themselves was impressive. It had the vibe that it not only was a place to challenge oneself physically but also a place to reset mentally and take some time for problem solving and introspection while overcoming the obstacles presented by the climbing wall. I was so proud of my sister for the choice of gym that she has made and for all the huge leaps she has made in her fitness. We spent a little over an hour there and left feeling better than when we had gotten there (a feeling I know many of you experience and have shared with your coaches). That enjoyable feeling after a workout never goes away.

Being at a children’s hospital is both heartbreaking and inspiring. Many of the children there will not have the opportunity to do a lot of the movements that we take for granted, either because of illness or injury. We were at the physical therapy side of the hospital and I was able to see so much heart and optimism teamed with frustrating physical limitations. It made me think of just how blind we are to how fortunate we are to be able to do what we do every day at the gym. Even the hardest workout is something we should all appreciate. I even thought, “here I am always complaining about how sore or stiff I am, how a workout didn’t go the way I wanted it to, that I didn’t PR on my lift” when I really should just be enjoying the workout and enjoying what my body is capable of.

Another experience that hit me was that of traveling and being on different flights but seeing the same thing over and over. The majority, and vast majority of travelers were in very bad health. I’m not even talking just being overweight, but overweight and unable to move their bodies properly or lift their luggage. On the flight back a couple sat next to me that really affected me. I know that I only had a small glimpse into their lives and that I do not know their history, but the small glimpse that I did have in their lives gave me some insight into my life as I get older. The husband needed help from his wife to lift their carry on into the overhead storage, they both then proceeded to struggle to maneuver their bodies from the aisle into their seats and when they sat there was no control during their descent. They flopped down hard onto their seats as their bodies spilled over the armrests and into the spaces of the seats next to them. When they went to get up form their seats it took them multiple tries just to stand. During the flight they drank tons of soda and quickly ripped open the in flight snacks and seemed to eat them without ever really stopping to chew and enjoy the food. Their in flight entertainment consisted of Ipads and the Bravo networks slew of reality shows.

Going from the climbing gym to the children’s hospital to this flight definitely presented some extremes on the spectrum of health. Some of us are given different talents, capabilities and limitations. But I think an important thing that we must never forget is that ALL of us have a choice with what we do with such talents, capabilities and limitations. It is not up to Fate, or any outside factors, at the end of the day, when you are at the end of your journey here on earth it is entirely up to you! What did you do with the body you’ve been given? Did you work hard and expand on your abilities to their fullest potential? Or did you ignore the signs of deteriorating health and run your body into the ground? It’s not about a competition, or a PR, it’s about being there for those you care about for as long as possible and being healthy and strong during that time. Do you and your partner, you and your children, you and your friends, practice habits that contribute towards self improvement? Or do you spend the majority of your day reinforcing bad habits and spreading those bad habits to your friends and loved ones? Take control of your life and your bodies. You were fortunate enough to have this amazing body. This engine, heart and lungs, screaming for a chance to GO! Screaming open it up! All the way Up! Let my lungs burn, my heart race, my muscles fill with lactic acid! Let me go and remind you that we are alive!

Pull-Up/Muscle Up Practice

12 Rounds
Row 250m
2 HEAVY Deadlifts
5 HSPUs (strict if you’ve got them)

Performance Team
Pull-Up/Muscle Up Practice

12 Rounds
Row 250m
2 HEAVY Deadlifts
5 HSPUs (strict if you’ve got them)

5 Rounds
20 GHD Sit-UPs
10 Pull-ups
5 CTB Pull-ups
3 Bar Muscle Ups


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2 responses to “Time for a Rant

  1. I’m in tears! I’m glad to have you and Andres as our family coach!!! Can’t wait for my kids to be old enough and join our community! Love it!
    P.S. This is NOT a RANT!! 🙂

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