Is Intensity Killing Your Gains?

I’ve really been enjoying what Brute Strength has been putting out lately with their videos, podcasts and articles. One subject that I think we all struggle with is learning how to separate some of our training from Strength/Power/Skill work and Intensity. Many times a lot of those in the CrossFit community feel that if they aren’t laid out in a pool of their own sweat after each gym session they didn’t get a good workout in. But remember, at intensity’s highest moments technique and power begin to suffer, the amount they begin to deviate is entirely dependent on the athlete but nonetheless at any level there is deviation. So in order to progress in both power and technique or skill we must from time to time dial the intensity down. Coincidentally this balance between intensity and skill training helps preserve the longevity of our training program and prevents extreme fatigue and breakdown in the athlete. Here’s a short 4 minute video that further explains this concept.

Hang Power Clean

6 Sets
12 Bench Press
15 Kb Swing to High Pull
10 Chest to Bar Pull-ups

Performance Team
Finish with
4 Sets
8 Bent Over Rows
8 Hip Extensions with Barbell on Back

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