It’s just a Ball

There’s always a lot of sad faces and procrastination around whenever we have Wallballs up on the whiteboard. Many of you have heard my take on Wallballs before but just in case you haven’t here’s the gist:

It’s just a ball. You all are some crossfitting machines! You run, jump, row, burpee, and slam weights like no other! How are you going to let some 20lb or 14lb ball kick your ass? (Figuratively and literally). It’s a mental thing more so than anything else. There’s no escaping the Wallball, as soon as you finish one rep your next rep is literally crashing down upon you. There’s no scenery, you can’t take a step back and gather yourself. You’re stuck staring at a wall dealing with a usually high rep count. 

Accept it. 

Accept the high heart rate, accept the heavy breaths, the burning lactate. That’s why you’re there right? To get a workout in? So run with it. Open the lungs up and let your breathing go. Add onto the reps. Your not going to fail, it’s not going to get any harder than it already is. Focus on a good catch every time, make your squat stable and perfect, explode up and focus on your target. Find a way to flow through the movement. Zero in on only those cues and the reps will fly by. 

It’s just a ball. 

4 Sets
3 RDLs + 2 Hang to High Pull (clean grip)
8 KB Presses with 2 second hold at top
30 Second L-sit
4 WallCrawls

Alternating EMOM 18
A) 15-20 Wallballs
B) 8 Plate Burpees (45/25)

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