12 Days of Christmas is Here!

It’s time for our annual 12 Days of Christmas workout. There are tons of Christmas workouts out there but this one is a CFLC original programmed by the man, the myth, the cowboy, Andres Villalobos. 

There will be three opportunities to get your workout in today: 930, 530 and 630. Be sure to come on in and get your holiday weekend started right! 

If I don’t get to see you, I hope everyone has a very safe holiday. Enjoy your time with family and friends and make the most of the time spent with them. 

The 12 Days of Christmas workout plays out just like the song. Start with 1 then 1-2, then 1-2-3, then 1-2-3-4 and so on until you get to the twelfth movement. Remember, every workout we do is scalable for all skill levels!

12 Days of Christmas 
1 Power Snatch (75/55) (95/65) (135/95)
2 Thrusters
3 Sumo-deadlift high pulls
4 Push Presses
5 bus burpees
6 Toes to Bar
7 KB Swings
9 Hang Power Cleans
10 Double Unders
11 Box Jumps
12 Muscle Ups/24 Strict Pull-Ups
*weight stays the same on all barbell movements

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