DeLoad Week

It’s time to dial the training down just a bit and let our bodies reset for a new training cycle. We will be taking roughly a week or so to scale down the volume and weight of our workouts. This de load is intentional so please do your best to follow along with the lighter volume of training and know that a harder cycle is just around the corner. Don’t go heavier than RX’d. Don’t add more reps or more movements. You should feel good after each workout during a deload and hungry for more training. You should finish a deload week ready and anxious to start more hard training. The workouts will still be challenging and fun. 

Handstand Practice

Partner WOD
Double Unders
*while one person is doing Double Unders the other is doing an overhead Kb Hold. Partners must switch positions after each set.

Once all Double Unders are completed for both then:
30 Power Clean and Jerks total (15 each)

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