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Big Announcements

The Open

First, make sure you have entered your 17.1 score at . It is up to you the athlete to enter your score and I as the affiliate will then validate it. This week you have until Tomorrow no later than 4pm. Please enter it as soon as possible because the website is usually very slow and has a few bugs the first week of the Open just due to the huge amount of people trying to log on.

6 Week Challenge

Weigh ins for our 6 week challenge will be this Wednesday, with the winner of the challenge being announced this Saturday before the 17.2 workout. Who’s going to take it!?

Special Movie Screening hosted by CrossFit Las Cruces

I put in to host a special screening of CrossFit’s biggest movie yet: Fittest on Earth: A Decade of Fitness and I am happy to say it has been approved and we are set to have a one time viewing before it releases nationwide. The kicker to this is we need to have 78 tickets pre ordered before the movie date of March 30th. So make sure to click on the link below and order your tickets and invite your friends and family to this special night. This is a great opportunity that not every city will have so make sure you get your tickets fast!

The showing will be at Cineport 10, Thursday March 30th from 730pm-926pm. Tickets are $12.00.

I want to extend the invite to this premier to our CFLC crew first BEFORE we make it public to everyone else. So please be sure to get your tickets reserved fast, we will make this movie screening public come next Monday.

Here is the link to reserve your seats:

Here is the preview:


6 Rounds
1st minute: 10 Shoulder to Overhead (185/120)
2nd Minute: ME Double Unders
3rd Minute: Recovery Row

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Be Sure to Join the Team for the Open

For those competing in this year’s Open make sure you are also joining our CrossFit Las Cruces team. You can find the Join a Team option under your name on your dashboard on the games site. Please make sure you add yourself to the team!

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Wouldn’t Want to be Anywhere Else

17.1 was a great event! Thanks to everyone that came out and contributed to making the start of the Open at CFLC our best one yet. I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else than with my gym to start this year’s Open. One down, four to go!

Reminder: Our 6 week nutrition challenge ends this Wednesday. We will be taking measurements on Wednesday and will announce the winner of the challenge this Saturday before starting 17.2 

5 Rounds
50 Squats
3 Rope Climbs

Performance Team
Ring Muscle Ups
Handstand Push-Ups

5 Rounds
50 Squats
3 Rope Climbs

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Keep it Simple

17.1 does not have too many nuances to it. That doesn’t mean it is easy. That doesn’t mean it is easy!!! This one is a huge metabolic piece, i.e. heavy hard respirations. With that said, you are going to be challenged mentally here. Everything in your body is going to be telling you to stop. Don’t fall for it! It’s a trick! Everyone we have seen so far has recovered rather quickly afterwards. This means breathing is high but muscle fatigue is not as high. Which also truly means: You can always do one more rep on this one!

Know who you are on this workout. If you know you can crush it and you have great cardio and great burpees/box jumps then start at 90% and stay there the whole way. 

If you know burpees are not your strong suit and endurance hits you hard but you still plan on getting a good time start at 80% then ramp up as the workout progresses. 

If your goal is just to finish within the time cap (which that in itself is a very challenging goal) then start slow and build to a big finish. 

Don’t over complicate this workout. With this amount of reps and this high of a metabolic demand you need to keep everything simple. I would even argue that no matter what you do, by midway through the workout your body is going to revert back to whatever it feels most comfortable doing. So find what feels best for YOU. What type of snatch feels best for you. What type of box jump over works best for you and stick with it. This is truly a workout where you need to find that flow state and just move without too much over thinking. 

17.1 Warmup

Start with ensuring movement is as optimal as possible. Banded lat stretches, inch worm to cobra pose stretch. 

Then move on to warming up the entire system. A light circuit of AirDyne for about 10cal then 10 “up downs” (burpee without the push-up or jump), and 10-20 double unders. Do 3 Rounds

Then turn the heart rate and breathing up to get it primed for the workout

3 Rounds
Row 30 seconds fast but with the damper setting at a low 1-4
15 light Kb swings
5 burpee box jumps
Go hard and fast and rest as needed between each round

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It’s Not Too Late!

You still have plenty of time to register for the CrossFit Open. The first workout kicks off this Saturday at 1030 and it’s going to be a fun one! 

Like in the years past, we will still be open our normal business hours tomorrow. We will have our normal programming going on as well as a completely separate program for those that are competing on Saturday. Friday’s blog will also feature a breakdown of the workout including tips and a warmup to help better prepare you for game day. 

Remember, the Open is for everybody! So don’t hesitate giving it a shot!

5 Rounds
10 Thrusters (95/65)
15 Burpee Box Jumps

Open Prep (for those competing Saturday)
3 Rounds
-10 PVC Passes
-2 Wall Crawls with a pause at the top
-Banded Good Morning Complex (5 steps forward/backward/side to side/5 Good Mornings)

3 Rounds (easy pace)
AirDyne 15cal
6 Dumbbell Snatches

-Spend some time mobilizing shoulders for full range of motion. Make sure hips and low back are as mobile as possible. 17.1 is going to be very demanding on the posterior chain, especially low back so make sure you are as prepped as possible. If you need help with this ask your coach!

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Announcement Time

17.1 is here! We will have Open Gym, then a short Weightlifting session followed by the live 17.1 announcement. Come on in and see what’s in store for the first workout of this year’s Open. 

Make sure you register and are ready to go for this Saturday!

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Time to Register!

The Open is finally here! The first of five workouts, 17.1, will be announced this Thursday at 6pm. As usual we will have the live announcement playing at the gym so come in, hang out and see what 17.1 has in store for us. 

We will do each Open workout on Saturday starting at 1030am. Please do your best to come on time so we can organize heats and move through as smoothly as possible with the event. If you absolutely cannot make it on Saturday then you can still participate in the Open, you will just have to do the workout either Friday or Monday. I know some of the afternoon people were thinking about doing the first Open workout around 530pm on Friday. Please do your best to make it Saturday though. It really does help having as many people there as possible for each workout to help cheer each other on and keep the energy high. 

Remember, there is both an Rx and Scaled division so everyone can participate this year and it will all be done at CFLC with your fellow members, making this an event that everyone at our gym can do. We will need judges. All judging standards will be discussed prior to each workout and anyone can help out with the judging. Let’s all come together and make this our biggest and best Open yet!

6 Rounds
1 minute: 10 Strict Pull-Ups
1 minute: ME Hand Release Push-Ups
1 minute: Moderate Recovery Row

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