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A Great Night

Thank you to everyone that came out to the movies with us tonight. It was a great experience seeing such a big turnout for something that both Andres and I enjoy. I can still remember back in the day watching the latest .mov file on and talking to Andres about it the following day as we warmed up for our workout in the globo gym. Now to be able to see it on the big screen with so many others really was something special. I hope you all enjoyed the movie and I hope there was something in there that you found to be inspiring and motivating to continue with your training towards accomplishing your own personal goals. 

Row 1000m
5 Rounds
20 Pull-Ups
7 Front Squats (205/140)

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Fittest on Earth

The screening will be in Theater 1. We are still a go for 730. See you all soon!

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Movie Night!

It’s finally time! Our special screening of Fittest on Earth is here. This Thursday at 730 at the Cineport 10. I will be there early to check everyone in and greet you. This should be a great event especially being able to see all the pros killing it on the big screen. 

Sky wanted to send out an open invite to those going to the movie to get together at De La Vegas/Pecan Grill and Brewery before the movie around 6. We will also have a Weightlifting class that will start early at 5:15. 

4 Sets
8 Back Squats
12 Back Rack Walking Lunges

3 Power Cleans

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Time Under Tension

The workouts for this week following the Open will be a bit simple compared to our usual proframming. The goal here is to give your body some time to reset after the Open and recharge.

While doing the holds for this workout, keep in mind that a strong active position is required. Use every effort to stay in an active hold for each set. 

6 Sets (165/115)
Minute 1: 30 sec Deadlift Hold + 6 Deadlifts
Minute 2: 30 sec Front Rack Hold + 6 Push Press
Minute 3: Same as minute 1
Minute 4: Same as minute 2
Rest 1 Minute after each set

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Thank You

A huge thank you to everyone that made this year’s Open something special. The members are what make a gym and I can say without a doubt that we have some of the best members around! Everyone gave their all, everyone supported each other, and helped in any way they could to make each weekend an amazing event. You guys are the best!

400m Run
ME Pull-Ups

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Just a Reminder, we will get together at The Game (university location) after 17.5, for food and drinks!

Thrusters and Double Unders. This workout has more variables to it than you may think. A lot of the variables are based on who you are as an athlete and where your skills and aerobic capacity sit. If you have great movement, high aerobic capacity, and high skills for the double unders then this is going to hurt very very bad! If you might not have as much training time under your belt and maybe need more time to string together double unders or more time catching your breath this is a pacing workout and one where a consistent approach will offer the best return especially in the later rounds.
The big key to this workout is more dependent on the warmup and preparation. No matter what, the actual workout itself has little surprises, it’s all about having to push yourself and go to that dark place. How well you warmup will help you be best prepared to reach that top end of your potential. The warmup needs to be big with long aerobic work that helps open you up and prepare you for proper range of motion.

Thrusters: I had a great opportunity to see three guys from work attempt this workout one after another last night. Each person had very different skills and training time going into the workout. Each guy did singles instead of double unders in order to keep the workout fast and each guy approached the thrusters differently. The first broke his thrusters up into sets of 3, the second did 5 and 4 for the whole way, and the last started with 9 unbroken reps and tried to hold on as long as possible. The interesting thing is that no matter what the approach, the “wall” came and hit hard for each of them at the start of round 7. Going 5 and 4 on the thrusters seemed to be very smooth and was the most consistent as far as split times. What really affected the time at the end of it all wasn’t really the approach on the thrusters but really the approach on the transitions. It’s more important to stay on top of limiting your rest between transitions and making your time on the jump rope as efficient as possible to where it almost plays out like a “rest” period. Do not get stuck thinking you have to go unbroken on the thrusters just to say you went unbroken, if you need to break it up to keep a better pace and faster transitions then do it!

Double Unders/Singles: Best advice on this movement was already put out there by Josh Bridges: “Don’t trip”. It really is that simple. When you go into your set of jump ropes be sure you are ready to do them and focus on making them as smooth as possible.

Last workout of the Open season, so be sure to give it all you’ve got! This is a great finishing workout that really pushes you and encourages you to have a deep understanding of who you are as an athlete, how to approach a workout given your specific strengths and weaknesses, and how to pace according to those traits. Let’s have some fun with it.

17.5 Warmup
Big Warmup approx. 15-25min
At an easy pace
1 min jog
1 min AirDyne
10 JUMPING PULLUPS (yes jumping pull-ups)
10 Box Step Ups
1 min Row
10-15 PVC Passes
10 Around the Worlds

5-6 minutes
Hard Intervals
20-30 second AirDyne
5 Heavier than the Rx’d Thrusters
Rest 10-20 seconds between efforts

Then rest for 3-4 minutes

2-3 minutes
20-30 second AirDyne
3 Heavier than Rx’d Thrusters
5-10 Double Unders or Single Unders

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17.5 Thrusters….of course

So the good thing is that we literally just did this combo on Monday so most of you all should be prepped and equipped with a good idea of how this one is going to feel. Those of you not competing will not have the pleasure of doing thrusters 3 times in one week (sorry! I know you all are really looking forward to that), instead of a version of 17.5 our classwork will offer something different. Those of you competing will have your usual prep work to help get you moving for Saturday.

Remember, after 17.5 the CFLC crew will be getting together at The Game. Come hang out, have some food and drinks and get rid of that “fran” cough from the final workout!

Double Unders

5 Pull-ups
10 Push-ups
15 Squats

Open Prep
3 Rounds (use this to get the blood flowing, open the lungs up and gain full range of motion and fluidity throughout all movements.)
AirDyne for 90 seconds
15 Reverse Shrugs
Row for 90 seconds
Inch Worm 1 length down
10 Thrusters with bar only
15-20 Double Unders

Finish with mobility work. An as perfect as you can make it squat going into Saturday will be extremely beneficial so spend some time with the box stretch and straddle stretch while also ensuring good ankle mobility and shoulder mobility is there.

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