More Dumbbells


Who would’ve guessed 17.2 would come with more dumbbells? This workout looks both fun and challenging and I am excited to see it bring out the best in all of you! For Friday, I’ll once again have a normal class workout for those not doing the Open. This class workout will have the same elements and “feel” to the corresponding Open workout with just a few modifications. I will also post a separate Open prep cycle for those that are competing to do to help prep them for Saturday. Those of you doing the workout on Saturday, need to ONLY do the Open prep portion listed here, not both workouts.

This Saturday the we will also announce the winner of the 6 week nutrition challenge as well as the winner of the 17.1 Spirit of the Open prize!

Back Squat

30 Walking Lunges
16 Toes to Bar
30 Walking Lunges
16 Pull-ups

Open Prep ONLY
Mobility will be huge in this workout. Hips and ankles need to be smooth and mobile. Ankles need to have great flexion to help with the lunges, hips need to be smooth for the lunges, cleans, and toes to bar. Lats and shoulders also need to be healthy to get your through the later sets of Muscle Ups and Toes to Bar.

Start with:
4×5 Close Grip Overhead Squats (Bar Only or PVC)

15-20 minute flow session of:
10-15 cal AirDyne @ easy pace
10 LIGHT KB Swings (focus will be on pushing the head through at the top and really opening up the shoulders and extending the hips at the top
1 time down Spiderman High Knee with twist
2 Wall Crawls with pause and stretch at the top

After flow session complete any of the following:

3×20 second dead hangs from pull-up bar (again opening up the shoulder and stretching the lats)
Banded Hip Stretch + Couch Stretch
Banded Ankle Stretch
Banded Lat Stretch

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