There is always at least one workout in the Open that gives an aggressive nudge towards those that are on the fence of perhaps getting their first pull-up or muscle-up. Obviously this is one of those. Do not view this as a bad thing! We’ve already had one guy get his first unassisted pull-up (multiple pull-ups at that) and one girl get her first Muscle-Up (multiples on that too). So view this as motivation, motivation to move higher up in your skill set, and not just motivation to get it TODAY but more so motivation to work towards that goal throughout the coming year. Motivation to be better come this time around next year!

With that said, there are going to be a lot of differences in this workout. Those that are trying to get their first pull-up/muscle-up, those that have that and are trying to get through all the reps, and those that are highly skilled in these gymnastic movements and are looking to get as much work in as possible. For every one of these groups the common theme heard all around the CrossFit realm so far is GRIP. No matter where you are in this skill set, grip is going to be a factor so plan accordingly. Break your reps up, and break them up earlier than you might normally do, especially if you feel the grip starting to fatigue.

If you are planning on making this the time that you get your first pull-up/muscle-up then the front end work doesn’t really matter all that much. The tie break doesn’t really matter all that much. If you truly want to fight for that first then the pacing on the front end needs to be mindful of that. Nice and steady leaving your body plenty of energy to fight on that bar. Break up the Cleans. 8 may seem like nothing but you are basically doing a static hold with the lunges then 8 curls followed by another static hold. Save your arms and use your legs and violent hip extension for this movement. Then come pull-up/muscle-up time, give it all you’ve got. Remember big goal=big effort, there needs to be maximal effort into each bar attempt.

Those trying to get through all 4 rounds and then some, plan for the second round of bar muscle ups. Pace the first two rounds up, steady but quick. Don’t blow everything out on the toes to bar and do not go to failure to quick on the first round of bar muscle ups. 2 minute to 2.5 minute rounds on the front end should be doable with about an 80-85% effort.

Time to get after it!

Big Warmup
1 minute approx. at each station until a light sweat has started

General Warmup
3-4 Sets @ 50 – 70%
90 – Sec Assault Bike
15 Sec Passive Hang on Pull-up Bar
25 ft Lunges, no load
20 double unders
REST 1- 2 Minutes

Then hit a few high intensity sessions
3-4 Rounds
30 sec On/30 sec Off
Row or Bike
Light Barbell Cleans

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