Could it be….? A….A….A Barbell???

So Castro finally decided to ditch the dumbbells and bring in the barbell and not just any barbell movement but one of the more technical high skilled barbell movements with a very high skill pulling movement. Squat Snatches and Chest to Bar Pull-Ups. This one also has a time “reward” if you can complete your rounds within an allotted time. I think this, like the previous two workouts is going to be very fun and very challenging and will offer up the opportunity for some people to perhaps surpass their old PR lifts! I will again be posting some insights on the workout prior to the Saturday start time as well as some recommendations for a warmup. Those not doing the Open will still have a shot at this workout for tomorrow. It will be a bit simplified, there will only be one time cap of 18 minutes and you can of course scale the weight used accordingly. 


18 minute time cap

3 rounds of
6 chest-to-bar pull-ups
6 squat snatches, 95 lb.

Then, 3 rounds of
7 chest-to-bar pull-ups
5 squat snatches, 135 lb.

complete 3 rounds of
8 chest-to-bar pull-ups
4 squat snatches, 185 lb.

complete 3 rounds of
9 chest-to-bar pull-ups
3 squat snatches, 225 lb.

complete 3 rounds of
10 chest-to-bar pull-ups
2 squat snatches, 245 lb.

complete 3 rounds of
11 chest-to-bar pull-ups
1 squat snatch 265 lb.

Open Prep
3 Rounds
-10 PVC Passes
-15 second dead hang pull-up bar
-2 Wall Crawls with a pause at the top
-Banded Good Morning Complex (5 steps forward/backward/side to side/5 Good Mornings)
-10 Close Grip Overhead Squats (bar only)

3 Rounds (easy pace)
AirDyne 15cal
6 Light Squat Snatches (75-95/45-65)

Spend any additional time mobilizing the lats/biceps and ensuring you have full range of motion through the hips for your squat. Box Stretch, Banded hip stretch, Straddle stretch

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