Alright guys time to take it to that next level! 17.4 is set up to give a lot of people the opportunity to get that first pull-up or chest to bar pull-up and their first PR at a heavier Snatch weight. Unlike the previous two Open workouts, this one probably will not take you to that horrible lactate feeling, where breathing is the major issue. For this workout it’s all about time management and disciplined, focused application of high skill movements. Knowing when to push hard and when to throttle back to allow yourself a good set up for that heavier and heavier squat snatch. If you know that there is going to be a ceiling on just how far you are going to go in this workout weight wise, then plan from that stopping point and work your way backwards. Ask yourself how much time do you need to allot yourself in the early rounds to allow yourself the opportunity to hit your final end weight, whatever that may be.

Pull-ups: The pull-ups in this workout need to be tailored specific to who you are as an athlete. Can you rip through a large set of chest to bar pull-ups, come off the bar and still feel pretty fresh? And by big number I’m talking about a max unbroken set of 40-50. If so then the amount of pull-ups in this workout should not be an issue, the issue for you might be throttling back to where you stay as aerobic as possible, so that your Snatches come off as smooth and effortless as possible.
If you are the opposite of this, i.e. you see pull-ups and immediately cringe, then your approach from the START needs to be breaking these sets up into two or three sets. Something like a 3-3 or 4-2 for the first round will help save your grip and keep your breathing and heart rate low so that you can really attack the Snatches and move through the rounds quickly and efficiently. Sticking to small manageable sets with quick breaks in between will get you to your “goal” weight. Once you start approaching that end weight that is when you let it all go and sprint to the finish, at the end is when you want to be hitting hard sets of pull-ups and challenging that lactate threshold because really at that point your goal is simply to get to that next awarded 4 minute extension. Even if this means you are smoked by the time you get to that extension, remember that you have hit your goal and now you can rest, recover, hit a round of pull-ups then spend the remaining time focusing on that one heavy end goal Snatch.

Snatches: NO MISSES! Do everything you can on your set up and approach to each Snatch to make the lift and stand up with it. Each miss is going to cost you anywhere from 20-30 seconds and that is time you just don’t have in this type of workout. Only go when you are ready and approach each bar with confidence and focused aggression. When you get to the next round of Snatches at a heavier weight, the weight is going to feel heavier than expected due to the fatigue from the pull-ups and previous Snatches. No worries! Just know this and “over pull” on that first initial lift. Remember maximum lifts require maximum effort. Finish your extension and shoot under that bar and STICK THAT LANDING!

17.4 Warm-up
Big Warmup
1 minute approx. at each station until a light sweat has started

Open up the shoulders and lats with some PVC passes with Lunge as well as 15-20 second dead hangs 2-3 rounds

1-2 Snatches ascending in weight but staying light the whole time

2-3 Rounds
10-15 cal Row
10 Overhead Squats with bar only
3-4 Chest to Bar Pull-ups

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