Time for the Repeat

Most of you all guessed it correctly, the repeat workout for this year’s Open is the 55s workout. This one left everyone very very sore so get ready! As usual I’ll post some tips on the workout along with some warmup ideas on the next blog. For today, all classes will get a shot at 17.4. Those that are competing on Saturday will get some prep work with the focus being on having the body ready to fire through the deadlifts and Wallballs and set you up to be successful during the row and HSPUs. 

Movement Prep: Warmup to Deadlift weight, practice HSPUs
then hit 17.4!

Open Prep: For those competing Saturday
3-4 Rounds
AirDyne approx. 1 minute
10 Good Mornings (bar only)
10 Reverse Shrugs

4 Rounds
9 Jumping Squats
9 Light KB Swings to eye level only
1-2 HSPUs

Finish with an emphasis on mobilizing the hips and lats. Box Stretch and Banded Hip Stretch along with Banded Lat stretch

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