Time for the repeat. If you did this one last year you will have a good idea of what to expect on this one. A quick recap: The first three movements all utilize the same muscles, leaving you fatigued and tight (shortened range of motion) making the lockout in the HSPUs more difficult than usual. The workout is won or lost on how you manage the first three movements to set you up to be as fresh as possible for the last movement.

Deadlifts: For many, this weight can trick you into wanting to rip out big sets (20 or more) in the very beginning. Be careful not to go get too crazy on these. If you’ve ever done a max effort unbroken set with a moderate weight you know how taxing that can be on your quads, lower back and even your cardio. Tax yourself too much on the deadlifts and the wallballs and row are going to be a struggle. Break your deadlifts up into sets that you can easily do (which is going to be relative to how much the deadlift weight is to your max). Make your sets smooth and fast with very short short breaks. The first time around I did 20-25 deadlifts unbroken right from the start and that made this workout very difficult and left me spent afterwards and sore for days. This time I started with a quick set of 15, then 11, then 6s and 5s after that and felt great going into the wallballs. As long as you keep your rest to about 5 seconds or less you can knock out the 55 reps here with short manageable sets quickly and easily.

Wallballs: This is where time is lost and never regained. The wallballs need to be done in big sets with very little rest. Your cue for when to stop and when to push on the wallballs needs to be muscle fatigue in the shoulders, do not let your breathing or your legs/booty be the cue to tell you when to stop on this one. Go just shy of feeling it in your shoulders. Remember you need those shoulders for that big push in the end with the HSPUs so don’t waste that on your wallballs. You don’t need to worry about your legs/butt or your cardio too much because all of that is just temporary discomfort that goes away once you get to the final movment. Coming off of the quick sets of the deadlifts I managed to hit 30 wallballs, rested real quick then went 10, 8, and 7.

Row: So far this year, the row has been a struggle for everyone. It was the hardest part for me as well. But it truly doesn’t have to be that miserable of a movement. At about 30 calories in, I was feeling sorry for myself and hating life, my butt was cramping so bad and my pace was slowing down. At 31 calories in, it hit that it’s just rowing. We row all the time, it’s just discomfort that is going to end real soon. I realized I didn’t need to worry about my butt cramping because I don’t really need it for the HSPUs, and I realized that I could pull a little harder and a little faster and be done with the row in no time. There is light at the end of the tunnel on the row! The workout is not won or lost on the rower, it’s ok to have a slightly slower pace than usual. If you were to slow your calories per hour pace from 1300 to 1050 it would overall be about 15 seconds slower which really isn’t much if you come off of the rower ready for the next movement as opposed to coming off and having to rest to catch your breath. Find a consistent pace on the rower and build to something you can hold. During the row it also hit me that I didn’t want to do this huge violent extension with my legs and hips to try and register a calorie faster, because that huge extension is exactly what I’m going to be doing for my kip on the HSPUs especially once I get tired. So I kept my hip slightly closed at the end of every pull and it seemed to help me feel fresh going into the HSPUs.

HSPUs: Short fast sets and getting back on the wall is crucial here. Do not go to fatigue! Do not take big breaks! Make sure every rep counts, lock out each rep with your heels and bottom of your feet facing up towards the ceiling. If you are used to kicking up with your toes pointed getting a good rep is going to seem difficult. I found that once I started taking longer breaks the lactic acid built up significantly only making the next set of HSPUs even more challenging causing me to take even longer breaks which turned into this cyclical build of lactic acid. Keeping the reps short, 3-6, with a very quick break then going right back into it seemed best.

Good luck guys, I know you are going to crush it!

17.4 Warmup
Big Warmup
1 minute approx. at each station until a light sweat has started

Open up mobility in the hips and lats with banded stretching, box stretch, or straddle stretch and couch stretch

Warmup to a moderately heavy deadlift that’s heavier than what will be in the workout then:
Alternating EMOM 10
A) 1-3 Deadlifts
B) 4-5 Wallballs

Finish with 2-3 sets of 20cal on the AirDyne

Don’t do too many HSPUs in the warmup, if anything do what you need to do to get a “feel” for the standards but spend the majority of your warmup focusing on the initial movements. Your HSPUs will be there if you’ve got them.

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