Matt came up to me a while back and asked if he could do something on the back wall that we have in our parking lot. I had no idea him and Frankie were going to create something so damn good! Seeing just how detailed they were with putting down as many of our gym members names as possible, layer after layer of name. Being able to see them create a unique design for each individual name and spend just a moment thinking about how each individual has helped form the group that we have today was really amazing. Each layer of names gave depth and color and helped tie everything together into one mural. It really blew me away seeing their creativity flow and seeing the enjoyment they had in the process. It made me appreciate the friendships we’ve made here at CFLC and it made me stop and appreciate just how crucial each individual is to the whole. We are all different from each other with entirely different lives outside of the gym but you put us all together and we’ve all helped create something bigger than ourselves. Something we all look forward to each day. I can’t thank Matt and Frankie enough for such a well executed and thoughtful mural. 

Build to a Heavy 2 rep Power Clean

5 Rounds (165/115)
Rest 1 minute after each round
A) 30 second Front Rack Hold + 5 Push Press
B) 30 second ME Over the Bar Burpees
C) 30 second Front Rack Hold + 5 Front Squats

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