Athlete of the Month is Back

Now that the Open is long gone (we basically did an athlete of the month for every week of the Open with our Spirit of the Open award) it is time to start back up with our athlete of the month. Each athlete of the Month really reflects the Month prior, that way we can see a whole months worth of work and recognize those that made some big leaps forward during that time. 

The latest Athlete of the Month is actually two Athletes. Celeste and CJ! These two took on the challenge of competing at the Railyard Games as a team. Leading up to the competition it was great seeing the camaraderie these two had and the encouragement they gave each other. Their teamwork came off so genuine and effortless and it set them up for a great competition weekend. It’s been great watching these two mature as athletes and I’m excited to see them continue to grow. Good job you two!


4×5 Strict Press

4×3 Snatch Grip Push Press

16 KB Snatches (8 per arm then 8 with the other arm)
16 Deficit Push-Ups
16 Toes to Bar

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