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Early Registration 

Alright guys so it looks like a ton of you are interested in competing in this year’s Desert Games. Thanks to everyone for putting their names down and organizing some teams! We do have 1 guy that signed up to compete in Scaled but we don’t have the numbers as of now to form a team with him. So if you’re thinking that you might want to give the Scaled division a try, talk to one of your coaches and we’ll see what we can do. 

Like last year, I will sign everybody up all together and pay in one lump sum. To do this though I’ll need team names, shirt sizes and at least one person’s contact info. I’ll have a paper in my office where you can write down your team info tomorrow. You can also text me your team info if you’d like: 635-7276. If I don’t hear from anyone in your team you’ll be assigned a generic team name like CFLC Black. The reason behind all of this is to ensure we get as many teams as possible signed up as quickly as possible. Thanks!

Partner WOD (1 person does one round then rests while their partner does a round)
9 Deadlifts (Either dumbbells or kettlebells)
6 Burpees
3 Power Cleans


Individual WOD
In 12 minutes complete as many reps as possible of “Karen (150 wallballs) with the Rx’d structure:
25 Wallballs
200m Run
*whatever reps of Karen that you do not finish you’ll have to cash out with at the end with Calories Rowed.
I completed 3 full rounds of 25 Wallballs and 200m run at the end of 12 minutes. I would have to cash out with a 75 calorie Row since that was the remainder of the 150 Wallball reps I had remaining.

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Desert Games

El Paso’s biggest competition is taking place again this year September 2nd. Early registration opens this Saturday July 1st. Last year this event sold out during it’s opening weekend and I’m sure this year will be no different. There are three divisions to compete in: Scaled (2 male/2 female), Rx’d (2 male/2 female) and Firebreather (Individual). If you are interested in competing this year please put your name down on the whiteboard preferably by tomorrow, at the latest this Friday. Next to your name put down what division you would like to compete in. If you already have a team organized then write down the entire team down and what division you all would like to compete in. Once we see who all is interested we will see how many teams we can create and begin registering everybody. The cost for early registration is: $180 for Rx and Scaled, and $60 for Individuals.

4 Sets
10 Strict Pull-ups or Weighted Pull-Ups
20 Second L-Hold or 10 L-Hold to Pass Through
60 Second Plank
15 GHD Sit-Ups

1000m Row
50 Box Jumps
1000m Row

Performance Team
HS Walk Practice

5x20cal AirDyne all out efforts

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What a Start

Everybody looked like they have gotten way more comfortable with the sprint/deadlift combo. It still was challenging but overall everybody did great today, we even had a few good PRs come out of it! I would have to say the best one would have to be Sky hitting a new benchmark 300lb deadlift! Great start to the week guys!

Also, tomorrow is Diana’s last day. She’s shipping off to start a career with the Navy. It’s been great having you train with us and I’m excited to see you come back all squared away!

3 Sets of:
5 Rounds
20 Air Squats
10 Squat Snatches (185/125)(135/95)

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A Revisit

Now that the heat wave has broke it’s time to revisit a tough workout we did a few weeks ago that caught a few people by surprise. 

12x100m sprints


Performance Team
100 Pull-Ups
Each time you come off the bar do 15 push-ups

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A few ways to approach the pistol if you are still learning and progressing with the movement. If strength and balance is needed then you can go banded pistols or pistols to a box squat. Both are great options for building unilateral leg strength and balance and awareness. If strength and balance are there but perhaps mobility is a factor then elevating the heel and squatting on a metal weight plate could help. If all of those factors are there but you’re just not that great at doing pistols, I’ve found that holding your free leg by the toes helps with balance and stability especially as you fatigue. Try these options out before scaling down to regular squats for this workout. 

3 Sets
10 Reverse Lunges/Step Backs
5 Back Squats
(5 lunges per leg and the linge weight and squat weight do not have to be the same)

6 Hang Power Snatches (135/95)
12 Pistols (6 per leg)
6 Chest to Bar Pull-Ups

Performance Team
No extra work!

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Abs are made in the Kitchen

This couldn’t be more true buuuuuuuut….we can help assist with those pesky abs in the gym as well!

5 Sets
20 Second L-Sits or 12 L-Sit to pass through on paralletes
60 second Plank Hold
8 Barbell Rollouts

40 Double Unders
30 Push-Ups
15 Wallballs

Performance Team
A) 7-10 Toes to Bar
B) 3-5 Ring Muscle Ups
C) 10 GHD Sit-Ups
D) 3-5 Ring Muscle Ups

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And Still….

Congrats to our very own Joseph Lee for putting it down in this weekend’s Battle of the Badges. The unanimous favorite from everyone I’ve talked to for fight of the night. Joseph put in a lot of hard work to prepare for his fight and it payed off! Good job brother!

Alternating EMOM 16
A) 3 Power Cleans
B) 5-7 HSPUs

3 Rounds
Row 20 cal
10 Shoulder to Overhead (185/125)(135/95)
15 Burpees

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