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This weekend we had a chance to test our skills and see the results of our training. I couldn’t be happier with the way it all turned out. 
From Scaled through Rx’d to Firebreather, everyone that competed did so with the right approach. The workouts were fluid, each movement was crisp and efficient and everybody came in looking extremely balanced without any holes or weak spots in their game. 

Good job to everyone that competed! You guys showed trust in knowing yourselves as athletes. Trust in each other for support and trust in each other as a team if you were in the Scaled division. You had trust in your skill sets and your abilities to stay calm and focused throughout the long day of competition. Most importantly everyone enjoyed the moment and had fun. We really do have something special with our gym and it shows whenever we go out to comps. Everyone enjoys each other and enjoys hanging out together and pushing each other. Each competitor we had, pushed and brought each other up. 

Thank you all for trusting the process and putting on a show of all the hard work you put into the gym day in and day out. 

4 Sets
6 Bench Press
3 Wall Crawls

Alternating Tabatas
A) Goblet Squats
B) Power Cleans

Performance Team
*From now leading up to Desert Games the extra work will be with a focus on the upcoming competition

3 Sets
20 Cal AirDyne + 10 Burpee Box Jump Overs
(all out sprint effort, recover fully between each set)

2 Sets
5 Strict HSPUs
5 Deficit HSPUs
5 Kipping HSPUs

1 Set

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We will be closed tomorrow afternoon and Saturday. There will be 5,6 and 930 am classes tomorrow but no afternoon classes. We’ll be up in Albuquerque supporting our members at the Independence Games competition. 

200m Sprint
200m Jog
no rest between efforts

Row 1000m
40 Push Press (75/55)
20 Pull-Ups

Rest 3 minutes

20 Pull-Ups
40 Push Press (75/55)
Row 1000m

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Closed for the Independence Games

We will be closed for Friday afternoon and Saturday due to a competition in Albuquerque. Friday morning classes are still on and we will start back up on Monday with our normal hours. 

Split Jerk

15 Hang Power Cleans (135/95)
2 Rope Climbs
Run 400m

No extra work today

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Workout Announcement 

Desert Games has released a workout that we will be doing and it looks like a burner! AirDyne, Pistols or Goblet Squats, Deadlifts and Burpee Box Jump Overs. 

We will have our first tester for this workout on August 5 at 11am. Time to get pumped up!

6 Shoulder to Overhead (205/145)
12 Box Jumps

9 Burpees
12 Pistols or Goblet squats

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A Day in the Life

CrossFit Mayhem has been releasing some videos following their team members prior to the Games season. I liked how they tried to have a little fun with this one…

6x20cal Row

100 Pull-ups for time
Each time you come off the bar complete 5 Front Squats (165/115) (225/155)

Performance Team
Every 90 Seconds x8
5 Power Snatches

HS Walk Practice

3 Sets
20 Reverse Hypers
20 GHD Sit-ups

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Coach’s Choice

Time for a Coach’s Choice workout. Everyone has been hitting every workout with the right approach and intensity, time to finish the week off right!

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Throwback Thursday

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