Important Announcements 

Holiday Hours for July 3rd and 4th:

July 3rd: No Morning Classes-Closed for 5,6, and 930am. Afternoon Classes will go on as scheduled: 330,430,530, and 630 Open

July 4th: Closed. Enjoy your holiday and get out of the gym and use your fitness elsewhere! Get outdoors with friends and family and enjoy your moments with them!

Desert Games Early Registration: All teams have been Registered as of 7am Saturday morning. We have 5 Scaled Teams, 2 Rx Teams and 4 Individual Firebreathers (I’ve registered Firebreathers as well except Teka because I spoke with him and he said he would handle it). Please turn in your registration fees to me ASAP. Teams were $180 and individuals were $60. In all $1600 was spent to secure our spots so please turn in your registration as quickly as you can so I can recoup these costs.

I hope everyone has a great holiday weekend and is excited about this upcoming competition! We’all start our Team training here in a few weeks and I will keep everyone posted if any new information regarding the Desert Games comes up. 

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