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It’s Time!

The El Paso Desert Games is here! Athlete briefing and check in will happen this Friday from 5-7pm with the briefing beginning at 6pm. I’ll be going and I should be able to check everyone in if everything goes like last year. If you or your team want to be there for check in and briefings by all means come and join me. If you can’t make it, again no big deal, I’ll take care of it and post any need to know info on the blog Friday night. Here is the link to the heat schedule and workout schedule for the day.

This Thursday, we will have a final team meeting at 530pm to clear up any questions that might still be there and to practice any additional movements.

This is going to be a huge event, so even if you are not competing, feel free to come by and check out all the action! There will also be a basketball tournament, jiu-jitsu tournament, and karate and bodybuilding contests. This will be one great weekend!

4 Sets
15 Hip Extensions
10 Strict Pull-ups
20 OH Walking Lunges (45/25)

Double Unders

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24 Hour Murph

3 Back Squats

Row 1000m
60 Push-ups
50 Wallballs
30 Shoulder to Overhead (135/95)

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Labor Day Weekend Hours

We will be closed Saturday, September 2nd. A lot of our gym members will be competing at the El Paso Desert Games that day. More info on the event will follow in later posts. 

Monday, September 4th there will only be afternoon classes. 5, 6, and 930am classes will be closed for Labor Day. 

Pull-Ups, Chest to Bar, or Bar Muscle Ups
Handstand Push-Ups

4 Rounds (Rest 1 minute after each Round)
In 2 minutes:
7 Burpee Box Jump Overs
10 Toes to Bar
AMRAP Power Clean and Jerk (225/155)

Performance Team
Work on any movement or lift of your choosing that would better prepare you for Saturday. This is optional. You can even just focus on mobility if that could be the most beneficial for you

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Chapter 32/ The Interval Workout

Excerpt From: John L. Parker. “Once a Runner.” Simon and Schuster

“Bruce, you can’t be serious. Nobody does that kind of stuff anymore. Arthur Lydiard—”
“Screw Arthur Lydiard. Quenton, this is where you find out. This is the time and place. All the rest is window dressing.”

“I don’t know if I can do it.”

“Quenton.” He smiled for the first time all day. “You can do very nearly anything. Haven’t you figured that out?”


“Look, runners deal in discomfort. After you get past a certain point, that’s all there really is. There is no finesse here. I know you can do this thing because I once did it myself and when it was over I knew some very important things.”

Excerpt From: John L. Parker. “Once a Runner.”

“And they began it all again. In their minds they took up each set separately, as if it were all they had to do. Five little quarter-mile circuits to be conquered, a mile and a quarter of hard running interspersed with those nearly cruel bits of rest, each quarter becoming in its own way a milestone, a feared and adamant obstacle that had to be dominated and put away so that its brother, now looming, could be faced.”

Excerpt From: John L. Parker. “Once a Runner.” 

“He finished number seven, somehow running it too hard, which caused him to take deep and painful gasps and to spend a few seconds bent over grasping his knees before beginning his weak jog on to number eight (in his mind number three, and after that only two to go—beyond that he did not think). It was becoming harder and harder to get his breathing anywhere near normal in the 110-yard rest jog; he was starting the next interval gasping as if he had not stopped at all. Into the next one he charged, down the straight, around the turn, by a pine tree slashed in half by lightning (that to him meant only the halfway point), into the last turn, and then the last fifty yards of straightaway, legs, arms, shoulders, jawbone, ears, chest, fingers, all battling the strained numb pain of the lactic acid, all striving for that normality of motion that would preserve”

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Team Practice

Remember guys, team practice will be held tomorrow at the NMSU Rugby fields at the usual time of 11am. There will be Open Gym still from 10 til around 1045 then we will move the party over to NMSU. See you all there!

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Go Shawty

It’s yo birthday!

 Happy Birthday going out to some of my favorite people! Marrah and Josie, I hope you two had great days. I can’t say how proud I am to have you two here at CFLC. You both have become such strong, amazing women and you guys keep getting better and better! And Happy Birthday to my brother from another mother Joseph Lee! You’ve had such a great year from dominating in battle of the badges to putting in the miles on our run to the spaceport. I have to say thanks for letting me and the gym be a small part in your lives and happy birthday!

Row 15cal
25 Sit-Ups
25 Double Unders
25 Sit-Ups

Dumbbell Snatches
Rope Climbs

Performance Team
No Extra Work. Don’t forget, team practice this Saturday will meet at the Rugby field at 11am

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Saturday Practice 

Team Practice for this Saturday will take place at the NMSU Rugby field. We will start at the usual time of 11am. Feel free to come in this Thursday with your team if you feel like you and your team still need some syncing up to do. We will have a final team meeting next Thursday at 530pm. 

See you guys on Saturday!

30 Clean and Jerks (135/95)
5 Rounds
10 Toes to Bar
10 Burpees
30 Snatches (135/95)

Performane Team
With either a team of two or three alternate between each other 20cal AirDyne until someone taps out, passes out, or until 480cal has been met.

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