More Rogan

Sorry for all the Joe Rogan endorsements but he’s had some good guests on lately. This one was really interesting, often times people are looking for that one movement, or program, or diet to fix everything. Everyone seems to be looking for the next big secret towards health and fitness and everywhere you go there’s someone selling that “magic pill”. 

I find myself at the gym and at work trying to answer very loaded questions about health and fitness and it seems like whoever I’m talking to doesn’t want to hear about all the factors that could affect the answer to their question. They simply want one easy answer to fix whatever problem they are having. “If this is bothering you then just do this”. But a simple answer like that is rarely the right answer. 

In this podcast, Dr. Andy Galpin discusses how complex an individuals approach towards elite performance can be. 

10 Alternating Pistols
10 High Box Jumps

Alternating EMOM 16
A) 6-8 HSPUs
B) 2 Full Snatches

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