It’s Time!

The El Paso Desert Games is here! Athlete briefing and check in will happen this Friday from 5-7pm with the briefing beginning at 6pm. I’ll be going and I should be able to check everyone in if everything goes like last year. If you or your team want to be there for check in and briefings by all means come and join me. If you can’t make it, again no big deal, I’ll take care of it and post any need to know info on the blog Friday night. Here is the link to the heat schedule and workout schedule for the day.

This Thursday, we will have a final team meeting at 530pm to clear up any questions that might still be there and to practice any additional movements.

This is going to be a huge event, so even if you are not competing, feel free to come by and check out all the action! There will also be a basketball tournament, jiu-jitsu tournament, and karate and bodybuilding contests. This will be one great weekend!

4 Sets
15 Hip Extensions
10 Strict Pull-ups
20 OH Walking Lunges (45/25)

Double Unders

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