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Time to Squat

Everyone has been crushing our squats lately! Remember to be aggressive but smart with your numbers. Only move up in weight if you are still keeping good form and maintaining a strong stable position throughput the entire range of motion of each Squat. 

Back Squat

Every 2 minutes for as long as you can hold it
8 Burpee Box Jump Overs
8 Hang Power Snatch (105/70)
8 Thrusters (105/70)

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Western Time

This video made me want to go out and hit a trail run, not for 100 miles though.

Power Clean/Bench Press

6 HIGH Box Jumps
1 Rope Climb

Performance Team
3×15 Reverse Hypers

3×6 Glute Ham Raises

3×15 Bent Over Rows

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A Little Cardio


3 Rounds
Run 400m
20 Toes to Bar
2 Rounds
30 Burpees
25 Cal Row
1 Round
60 Db Snatches
800m Run

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Everyone Can Get Better on Pull-Ups

We sometimes jump ahead of ourselves and put off improving upon the basics. The truth is we all could get better at a very simple yet essential movement, the Pull-Up. 

Even if you already have Muscle Ups and Chest to Bar Pull-Ups improving upon your fundamental base should still be a priority. A lot of times we want to learn the hardest, fanciest movements but first you should ask yourself: Can I even do 15 strict pull-ups? Can I even do 10?

Without the strength and stability in both your musculature and supporting ligaments and tendons that comes from strict controlled movements, you’re only increasing your chances of injury during high rep kipping movements. Please! I know the strict movements are not as exciting but don’t ignore them. Don’t assume you’ve mastered the Pull-up and ignore them every time they come up in a workout, choosing instead to do banded Muscle Ups. Become a pro at the basics and everything else will improve along with it. Be honest with yourself and put the time in to improve and shore up any weaknesses. 

Build to a Heavy then 4 sets at that heavy
3 Front Squats + 1 Jerk

12 Walking Lunges w/Plate (45/25)
9 Push Press (135/95)
6 Strict Pull-Ups

Performance Team
At a Heavy
4 Sets
1 Power Clean + 1 Power Clean and Jerk

Clean Pulls @100%+

Snatch Grip RDLs

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Squat School

This video is lengthy but I found it very useful in bringing to light how obviously not everyone is built the same and not everyone should set up for their squat the same. Either depending on mobility or body type your squat might be totally different from the person squatting right next to you. The goal is to find your safest, most stable, strongest position that allows you to move as efficiently as possible. There is no one size fits all to this thing.

Back Squat

4 Rounds (1 minute at each station), Rest 1 Minute after each Round
A) 12-15 Toes to Bar
B) 12-15 Burpees
C) 25 Air Squats
D) Max Calories on Rower

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Meathead Wednesday!

Time to move some weight

Deadlifts/Bench Press

800m Run
50 Kb Swings
400m Run

Performance Team
5 Sets
12 Back Rack Walking Lunges
8 Ring dips

Reverse Hypers

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Heavy is Relative

Make the heavy movements “heavy” for you. Scale up or Scale down, it’s all about what you want to get out of it. 

GHD Sit-Ups

5 Rounds
5 Ground to Overhead (225/155)
30 Double Unders

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