Desert Games Announcements

Ok so nothing too crazy during the athlete briefing. The pic above were the main takeaways that stood out aside from the standards videos that have already been released. 

Firebreathers: You can hold the Kb with two hands, one hand, and even in a front rack position! The standard is more so to eliminate people from extending the Kb out front using it as a counterbalance. As long as the Kb is in contact with your body you can hold it however you please. 

Partner Box Jumps: Everyone has to start their box jumps on the same side which means you’re basically switching out with your partner on only the even reps. 

Sprints: They got rid of the high marker so now the sprints are just like those you did in school, you’ve got to touch the line on the ground then turn and go

Extras: During Bar Fight you’ll be advancing the bar when you start the next round not when you finish a round. Please make sure you watch your judge and ensure they give you a good rep before you put the bar down on the clean ladder. You can bring your own personal snacks. NO COOLERS allowed.  

Wristbands: Ok so we picked up everyone’s packets, you’ll need your wristband to get in without paying admission. I’ll be at the competition early, you can text me and I’ll meet you and give you your bag and wristbands. CFLC Gold goes first at 755am, Joseph will have your teams bag but I’ll be there on time to watch you guys tear it up!

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